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    Default Financial planners in Perth?

    I'm retired, in Perth and looking for a qualified financial planner or company able to provide quality fee-for-service advice.
    A couple of our friends pretty much manage their own funds but use specialised firms for accounting records. Any thought along those lines would also be welcome.
    My wife and I have a full SMSF with a trust deed etc. To date we have been using a friend who is a CFP. While he is very good there are times when the friendship has caused a little stress.
    We both consider that it may be better if my wife and I go to a quality expert where the relationship can be purely a professional one.
    Any advice would be welcome.

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    Default Re: Financial planners in Perth?

    Hi Rick,

    My brother in law is one in perth, and no i dont get any spotter fees . PM me if you would like his details.

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    Default Re: Financial planners in Perth?

    Best adviser I've worked with goes by the surname of Travanya. PM me if you need his number.

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