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    Default Top Australian stock forum comparison

    Forum Sites World Rank Australia Rank
    ****************** 50,615 420
    Aussiestockforums.com 208,994 3,522
    Shares.com.au 296,401 4,933
    Sharescene.com 309,457 7,598

    The above is snap shot of traffic ranking from Alexa top 4 most popular Australian Stock Discussion Forums.

    1. Hotcopper has been established the longest, that's why I am not surprised with their ranking. Their discussion on a particular stocks is quite extensive and stretches over a long period of time. Their most impressive feature is their Statistics, it keeps tally of top 10 daily/monthly/to-date users who post most posts; most discussed stocks, and even blacklist of banned members.
    2. AusssieStockForum has the same design as Shares.com.au; it probably has best discussion on general ASX market. It also has a better layout in providing variety discussions like Derivatives, Commodities, Forex and International Market. I also like its Live Chat and Blogs functionality.
    3. Shares.com has relatively short history, but is growing at tremendous pace. It has best coverage and discussions on IPOs (imho). Its weekly and annual tipping competition are also well structured to attract members.
    4. Sharescene.com was voted by Compareshares.com.au as the best forum for 2008, I don’t think the ranking is not really authoritative enough. However, it has some of the best Hi-Tech functionalities include ShareScene TV (Video Finance/Market updates); ShareScene Radio (Interviews with listed companies CEO, MDs and economists from major banks). They are absolutely FREE.

    Above are just my thoughts and researches, not based on anyone else's surverys or studies.

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    Default Re: Top Australian stock forum comparison

    Above was an analysis of Share/Stock Forum, but the best ever forum / discussion site run in Australia is:

    Whirlpool.net.au - A community-run site focusing on broadband in Australia.

    According Alexa its traffic has World Rank of 3,952 and 54 in Australia.

    It as 218,294 members, 13,419 in past 24 hours, 847,547 threads, 14,917,058 posts, it lists 241 ISP and 7,511 unique plans.

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