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    Cool BGF & PRE

    I am new at this and back awhile I brought BGF at .095 since then they have gone up quitealot howdo you determine when to get out. same with PRE. This might sound like a stupid question but I have heard lots of different thoughts most say make 30% and get out ????????

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    Welcome amohonour!
    That's a tough question, depends on your strategy. Exits are very important. Do a search via the search tool in the toolbar for 'exits' and you'll find lots of tips. If you're losing sleep over it and you've made a profit maybe it's time to sell before it falls further, but then again this may just keep going. Always good to have a plan before entering and then stick to it. If it isn't good then change the whole plan and apply it consistently, if it doesn't work again keep fiddling till you get it right, but the market will only give you so many goes at it. Good luck!

    My posts are not recommendations (even when I rave about something). Always rely on your own research & judgement.

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    There is the saying---youll never get a large profit by taking a small profit.

    Exits are the MOST important aspect of trading.
    Looking at this chart the trend is strong.

    However unless you know your risk reward ratio in your style of trading then you cant determine what you should have as a return on exit.

    Whenever hanging in there for larger profit there is the chance that a winning trade could return to your entry or worse to a losing trade.
    On the flip side it could run to many 100s% profit.

    Could BGF do that?

    You could also consider partially selling your holding.
    selling all but the profit and letting the profit run indefinately.


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    Or as the price rises move up your stop losses effectively setting profit stops as the share price increases..

    Thats my intentions anyway as you'd kick youerself if it kept going and you sold out early..just remember stop losses are not 100% garuanteed to go throughif the sto0ck gaps down quickly
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