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    Well what can you say.. GREAT call on NMS a few months back
    The Barbarian Investor

    Price is What you pay- Value is what you get!

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    It was an absolute gem of a tip, but the problem was the way it was presented. No offence, but it looked like a blatent ramp. The lesson is for me - only look at the facts, regardless of presentation.

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    Well done on NMS.

    As they say, the proof is in the pudding and you've got yourself a WHOLE lot of pudding.

    I do agree, I didn't pay too much attention to NMS because it looked like a massive ramp. In hindsight, it was probably more accurately your overwhelming enthusiasm for it. Good luck with your next tip!

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    Where is Baglimit? Haven't seen anything from him for a while, maybe he is in the Bahamas? Or in the slammer for insider trading? Whats the story?

    Why haven't NMS been given a speeding ticket from the ASX?

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    I reckon he is doing some underwater welding and only contact us when he's above water..
    The Barbarian Investor

    Price is What you pay- Value is what you get!

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    To all you NMS'ers here, congratulations. What a ride it has been. I myself cannot fathom that they have come so far without even their first licensing deal. Makes you wonder where the buying is coming from doesn't it?? Big convention in Singapore, first licensing deal in Denmark, second licensing deal not too far away too............... Overseas buyers??? If only I knew!! Let the good times roll!!!!

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    hello worshippers of ME - just letting you know the word is GO. it was an odour, became a smell, now its overwhelming fumes overtaking everything - the show is about to begin.

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