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    Does anyone use any online SMS/email alerts for price movements, timed intervals, news etc?

    I have found a couple of sites that offer this feature, but are too pricey for me....

    If I can't seem to find one in my price bracket, I am thinking about writing the software to do it myself.

    Should be able to send sms messages for around 20c, and emails should always be free!

    Any sites/thoughts/help much appreciated,

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    Gday stockman e/trade has sms alerts for 33cents per sms and 11 cents per email good luck

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    Commsec does it as well Stock Man. SMS alert 22c, email 11c. Have to purchase in lots of 100.

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    SMS Sharetrading
    Message received from your mobile

    * Place Order
    * Amend Order
    * Cancel Order
    * Get Order
    * Get Orders**
    * Get Quote
    * Get Funds
    * Help**

    $0.55 per SMS

    Message sent to your mobile

    * Change SMS PIN
    * Reset SMS PIN
    * Responses to SMS instructions (e.g. Get Quote)

    $0.55 per SMS

    Free message confirmations sent to your mobile

    * Registration Confirmation and Disabling Confirmation
    * Order, Amendment & Cancellation Creation Confirmation


    **The Help and Orders response message may exceed the standard SMS message size (i.e. 160 characters), where this occurs an additional cost will be incurred at $0.55 per additional message


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