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    Default How are Aussie shares in the US markets affected by time zones?

    I am new to the trading but I have entered the asx game to get some practise before spending my own money. I am a bit unsure how the Australian Shares in the us markets are affected by the time zones .
    The Australian markets follow the us markets - how does it affect the Australian shares in the us market as Australia is in an earlier time zone?
    For example yesterday BHP closed in in the green $+0.37 but in the us it went down with 5.37%.
    Can one then assume ( I know assumption is the mother of all f#$@ ups) that the BHP will go down today on ASX.
    I hope it make sense.

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    Default Re: How are Aussie shares in the US markets affected by time zones?

    Well its followed into the red but just a warning don't blindly follow what happens in the US or Europe. Some days or even weeks it look like one is following the other then it all get turned on its head.

    Probably the only thing you can gain from overnight moves are the opening prices. Once that is priced in its still an each way bet.
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