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    Default Google Earth

    I was just doing some Google Earthing when I found what looks to be a collision between a Rivercat and another boat on Sydney harbour, just to the south of a boat docked in Circular Quay.

    The problem is, it looks to be a fake. I don't know much about GE, so is it possible to add your own pictures to Google Earth to do this?

    Rename the attachment back to .kmz from .txt then open in GE
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    The boat in front has been added in, you can tell as it is taken from a lower resolution image (zoom right in) and has been cropped with a bit of the water retained around the boat.

    As for who has done this? No idea.

    edit: if you zoom out slightly you can see that the immdeiate harbour area is comprised of several different images from different times (boat wakes and waves truncated). I imagine that whoever was joining the image collage together had a little fun with the ferries.

    edit #2: actually if you look at a lot of the boats in the harbour many of them are a different resolution to the surrounding ocean. They must have has a much nicer ocean tile/image and wanted to use that and keep the boats of the underlying image so have just erased holes for the boats to poke through. So with that in mind I think the collision now is merely a coincidence and not a prank.
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    That is way above my level of computer skill.

    Can you post a pic?

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    Default Re: Google Earth

    Here you go Sam - it is not great resolution but you can see what Unc. Festivus is talking about.
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    nice site, and interesting story on the helicopter caught on google earth moments before it crashed.

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    Someone else already spotted it:

    Oops! 'Ferry crash' unstitches Google maps
    The gremlins have burrowed into Google Maps again, seemingly causing a ferry collision and a boat to sink in Circular Quay.

    Google Maps explorers spotted both oddities when scouring through the site's satellite images of Sydney Harbour.

    Link: Sydney Morning Herald

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    Nice one Timmy!

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    I thought I was a Google Earth addict but it seems there are others more fanatical than me.

    Here is a video by one such individual: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/975366..._google_earth/

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    Great catch Uncle!

    Gotta love the Gremlins...

    Just a shame it didn't happen in Lawmaker City A.C.T...

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