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    Dear Experts,

    Somebody brought 1 share in my sell order. If I cancel my order and set a new sell order... I get charged twice right? What If I don't cancel but just amend the order?

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    You can amend the order and won't be charged another brokerage fee.

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    It looks as though you let your order expire without amendment. I think you are too late and will be charged another fee. Ring your broker as they can make concessions. (Maybe I should not have replied because you asked experts and i am no expert.)
    Oops. You still have a month.
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    lol thanks

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    this happened to me too. my is actually worse. i was gonna have to pay $33 for a trade worth $0.052 cents HAHAHAHA. , had to fight the broker to wave the sale. btw my trade went through at 3.59pm.


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    The order is still active and in market. It can be amended at no charge.
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