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    Default Online backtesting software?

    I guess I am looking for a website that I can submit my trading strategies and receive similiar feedback to e.g. tradesim.

    I have a small no. of particular strategies that I would like to backtest etc but cannot justify purchasing tradesim at this stage as I already need to purchase 2 separate charting programs with 2 separate feeds as some of my strategies are quite diverse from one another. I have decided not to purchase metastock but bullcharts instead for ease of use but still need to also purchase additional Pattern recognition software as well.

    I am happy to pay for the simulations/results.

    Is anyone aware of any such websites in existence.

    Similiar to a "stockscan" website only this time a backtest website.


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    Hi Shayneb --

    You might consider AmiBroker, which has outstanding capabilities for testing and validating trading systems. You can download and test AmiBroker using the fully functional (except that no changes can be saved) trial version for no cost. If you like it, a license is US$189.


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