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    I currently have a Uni accounting assignment where I have to compare Boral Ltd to one of its competitors. I'm after opinions as to who Borals direct competitors are (must be listed on the ASX) and any links to a web site or financial report

    any help would be great!

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    What are the chances - Im sitting here fiishing my Securities Institute assignment on Adelaide Brighton Ltd (ABC)!!!

    Adelaide Brighton is a direct competitor to Boral in the buildings material (concrete) industry.

    Othe companies to look at that are in the similar industry - CSL, Rinker and James Hardie, but Adelaide Brighton is the closest to Boral

    Boral tried to takeover Adelaide Brighton at the end of 2003, but is was blocked by ACCC.

    If anyone would like to know my OPINION of ABC's prospects based on some fundamental analysis.........

    I reckon its a no goer medium term - but the management are good, so they may be able to pull something out of the hat??

    Note: This is NOT financial advice

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    for my SIA assignment a few years ago we had to go over David Jones - DJS. Basicly if you didnt expose it as the worst managed, overstocked, overstaffed, underperforming lemon in the retail sector you failed.

    never looked at ABC but suspect they would find another lemon to analyse. Picking apart a good company wont teach you as much.

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