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    Default Help needed using StockXloader with ProTA Gold

    hi, im new to trading stock and have just got prota gold for my mac with the demo version of stockxloader to run the data. i am having trouble understanding how to use stockxloader to get asx data onto prota gold, can anyone help me out or give me steps to go by please???

    any help much appreciated !

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    Default Re: Help needed using StockXloader with ProTA Gold

    Don't know the software vagaries, but I had trouble with a programme I wrote to do the same thing. It worked, but with regular monotony, ASX changed the URL and page addresses with current prices etc so I had to keep changing the software accordingly. Also they eventually reduced the number of watchlist stocks for free download to [I think] 15.

    I eventually found alternative sources for the same data. Not sure if this applies to your software, so I hope someone else familiar with it may be able to help. In meantime, set up a free Yahoo page with all the stock you are interested in and 'Import' it into your software package.


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    Smile Re: Help needed using StockXloader with ProTA Gold

    Go to Yahoo Groups and join the metastockproau list. You can get free daily ASX price/volume data by email. Good enough to start with. You create your ProTA Gold alias icon in the dock, cut and paste the data section of the email to Textedit (leave out all information above the individual data records including the OHLCV headings and leave nothing below the last data record in the file), and then drag the text file (saved to the Desktop) to the ProTA Gold dock icon. This should open the ProTA Universal Text Importer, which you may need to format for Metastock format data - not too hard, but you may need to set the date format in the UTI to "months/day".

    Btw: ProTA Gold is a great program but there is a learning curve that needs to be surmounted along the way.

    NB: NAB provide EOD ASX data in some/all of their online trading packages: good value IMO.

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    Default Re: Help needed using StockXloader with ProTA Gold

    thanks for the replies

    does anyone know if there are there any good books or sites on learning prota gold?

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    Talking Re: Help needed using StockXloader with ProTA Gold

    Why not print out the manual to start with. As I mentioned previously there is a learning curve and having the manual in print form will help a lot. Jeff Bizon (developer) used to supply a bound manual - you could contact him at beesoft.net to see if he will still assist with this option.

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