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    BrainyToys (ASX:BRT) prospectus not finalised yet - anybody know what is going on?

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    No idea, but I do know that the ASX isn't too happy with all the raisings going on at the moment and they're running the fine tooth comb over the prospectus' to identify any shortcomings.

    According to AFR this week, they're particularly targetting LIC's and resource stocks.

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    Aparantly theprospectus closing date was to be on 28 Jan but then it was extended to 11 Feb, then extended again to 4 March, then changed backwards to 21 Feb and changed yet again to March 1 which all seems to be quite strange. Sounds very much like they dont know what they are going!!! Anyone know who is behind this business?

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    Since found out that a fellow called Aguro is behind brainytoys? Anyone know anything about him as I am considering applying for shares in BRT float but is he the guy that was involved in skytab.com and Gippsland Ltd?

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    Unbelievable - Brainy Toys prospects extended again. I put some money up but are now seriously worried about this investment. Anyone got any idea how long these extensions can go for as I would like to get my money back!

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    Try reading the prospectus to see if you're able to get your money back- it may have a process for it, although I doubt they'll give it back that easy.
    Better option is to read the prospectus and then call ASIC and ask for advice on your options: www.asic.gov.au

    My general rule with floats is- when in doubt, don't. So I stay out, often the best option, so many candidates out there, some are worse than others. But each to his own so you'll have to make up your mind as my opinion may not be as good as yours.

    Good luck.

    My posts are not recommendations (even when I rave about something). Always rely on your own research & judgement.

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    Thanks Richkid - will look into matter as I am not liking what i hear about this Aguro guy behild this float. Its worth checking out his track record in past dealings with investors money.

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    Have bought into this stock recently....fully expect most on ASF to have never ever heard of it.

    Toy company with exposure Thomas Tank engine / Wiggles and quite a few licenses for products that will serve it well over the next 12 months, particularly in the US.

    Very few shares on issue. Worth a look for something other than a small cap resource explorer....


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    Hmmm my intuition on this one is proving right.... This stock has gained 100% in the past 3 months. High y'day of 20c.

    New license with GMC in the US and currently in the negotiations for another master toy licensee arrangement. Announced on Friday.

    Also has acquired a UK toy & model business....

    Finally Larry Bernstein has joined BRT after a very successful stint at Hasbro (second biggest toy manufacturer worldwide).

    DYOR people, but this is the start of a very successful company.

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    Toys the ticket to US success
    How does a small West Australian business end up securing major licensing contracts with some of America’s biggest companies? As the name suggests, they’re smart!

    Brainytoys recently introduced two toys to the American market - the Wiggles and Bee Movie MemoToys – and has just announced a new international licensing agreement to develop a range of Hummer products.

    Gaining licensing deals for three such commercially successful brands would have been a coup for any toy company – the fact that a small Perth-based company has done it is testament to their creative technology.

    The MemoToys line of products uses a ‘record and play’ technology which works particularly well with vehicle type toys. With the push of a button the toy ‘remembers’ the path it is making as it is pushed around. The push of another button sees the toy repeat the motions it just made. It is a type of play that strikes a chord particularly with preschoolers.
    The company’s US marketing and licensing consultant, Rand Brenner, said Brainytoys has been able to penetrate the lucrative US licensing market by providing new innovative technology.

    “In the past there’s been a shortage of creative new electronic-based products when it comes to licensing around movies,” he said.

    “Brainytoys came along and showed them something new and innovative and – obviously – Dreamworks, the studio behind Bee Movie, was really enthusiastic,” Brenner said.
    The enthusiasm shows no signs of waning.

    Speaking at their recent AGM Brainytoys’ Managing Director, Alex Aguero, said their MemoToys technology was well received at the Fall Toy Preview Show held in Dallas in October.

    “We have received several requests for other…versions from several US retail chains,” he said.

    Aguero said, on the heels of Dallas, the company had expanded its manufacture program and had about 30 new products in the pipeline.

    Perth-based Brainytoys looks set to take ‘toy time’ to the big time. Watch this space…

    For more information about Brainytoys visit their website www.brainytoys.com

    The Wiggles and Bee Movie MemoToys are currently available online at www.target.com

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimminy View Post
    currently in the negotiations for another master toy licensee arrangement.

    DYOR people, but this is the start of a very successful company.
    Weird announcement....in trading halt for the last 3 days and then only comes out to say that they expect to finalise the master toy license in the next few days.

    Anyway, the market likes the announcement reaching a high of 19c today, up over 20%.

    Can't wait to find out what this license is for.

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    Another acquisition & placement by BRT - these guys are on fire and I am liking it! Will be interesting to see what happens to the share price in the morning......


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    yes, they are making all the rights moves at present. Tightly held but low liquidity but the buying in the previous days indicated insider trading.

    Could well be a standout stock of 2008. No coverage on this stock though and could quite well be dragged down with general market sentiment.

    It seems to have a few people happy to accumulate at 15c for now though.

    Resistance at 20c may be broken initially if the pendind master license announcement is positive.

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    Well, you've got me interested

    @ 19c today, i'm thinking about doing some small $$ speculation.

    A quick chat around the office has some guy reckoning that BrainyToys was going to be bought out by ABC Learning Centre. I can't find any indication of that anyway - am i being told a load?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tristo View Post
    Well, you've got me interested

    @ 19c today, i'm thinking about doing some small $$ speculation.

    A quick chat around the office has some guy reckoning that BrainyToys was going to be bought out by ABC Learning Centre. I can't find any indication of that anyway - am i being told a load?

    Think your mate may be confusing BRT with Funtastic (FUN) - another toy maker. ABC Learning have a strategic allience ie. FUN provides some toys as I recall for ABC Learning and there was a time there when there was the possibility of a buyout/takeover but it fell through. I am pretty sure ABC still hold a reasonable parcel of shares in FUN however. Funtastic were a golden stock for me - buying at 60c and selling at over $2......now they have failed to achieve several financial goals and shareholders have revolted sending it back down to around the 60c mark again. Sentiment is far from good on FUN and it appears as though some may be jumping ship to BRT.

    BRT remind me a lot of FUN, however they have much more of a global outlook - particuarly at this point in their life cycle. I have been on board with BRT since 6c and whilst it is still early days they appear in my opinion to be on the right track as long as they can piece together all the jigsaw pieces they are buying..........this appears possible considering some of the big names that are jumping on board with this company.


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    Thanks SLE - some research into FUN confirms your theory. I'll be looking extremely closely at BRT tonight

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    I think you will find ABC are on the limit of takeover for shares in funtastic. Eddie buying hasn't stop either coming back though.

    Well two other posters have joined the BRT thread in the last few days. Both newbies to ASF - not the HotCopper cheer leaders are you???

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    Heh, got nfi what the hot copper cheerleaders are so i'll guess not.

    I'm definitely a newbie to ASF, have some familiarity with the sharemarket, but the ins and outs are not fully understood, and i'd love to get in on a good thing early for once

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    Welcome aboard Tristo - research the company and almost become obsessive with it to the extent that you could tell a friend all about BRT at a bbq whilst turning the snags - then you know you have done proper research on a company.

    But to be obsessive does not include becoming emotionally attached to the stock.

    BRT is laying down a very impressive platform on all fronts. I do hope however that they are able to announce the master license shortly. If it falls over it will hurt somewhat. Just got to have faith.

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    Hehe, thanks Jimminy (Cricket?)... appreciate your welcome.

    And appropriate too, i nabbed a few at 17.5c today - probably jumped in too quick but i really wanted in on this... hopefully that master licence comes through =)


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