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Diving in SW Thailand

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Off to Malaysia and Thailand for 4 weeks starting next Saturday.

Will be in touch.

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  1. kennas's Avatar
    Boarding 'The Junk' in 3 hours.

    Story to date here:


    Will add it in here when I have the time...

  2. shag's Avatar
    im wondering if the junk sunk...given comments or sans such...
    bit like the market i guess. all go, sideways, mine anyway.
    if u wernt married id wonder if 'lost' somewhere else in thailand.
    a club sammi like comparison would b great, better than waiting to see if bhp n co will ever break out of bounds anyway.
    im still waiting for c aitkins 70's type v shaped boom. rather like fat profits market commentary week after week while the market collapsed during the gfc 1. kids will b kids i guess.
    buy hi, sell low sort of rational or wait decades.


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