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A new start

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The blogs have been few and far beween recently.

I sold up a while ago and have been on complete holidays for the past 6 months or so. Sun, gym, walks, books, rest.

And popping in to ASF.

I'm now back in the Army and have spent my first 2 days at work in Sydney getting used to all the new acronyms and changes in business. There are some.

Great news for me is that after being out of the ARA for 5 years, I know almost everyone still!! Been catching up with old friends for the past 2 days and it's been fantastic.

Currently living in the Officers Mess in Vic Barracks, Paddington. Can think of worse places to be!! Really nice base.

Unfortunately, I can not access ASF during the day due to the firewall/security stuff, but early mornings and nights will be my time to keep in touch.



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  1. Miner's Avatar
    Hi Sean

    All the best in your return to army.
    It was so nice to learn that even after 5 years you could see old mates. In last 5 years world environment and miltary has seen a lot of changes.
    So please take care and all best
    I am happy to learn that you would still a peeping Tom in ASF.

    PS : None of my business but your latest avtar is not so vociferous compared to previous one. It is more greeney than jungle tiger. Any way I am keeping my shut

  2. kennas's Avatar
    Thanks Miner!

    Yes, good to be back with friends. They are just a rank higher now.

    The avatar is a Land Iguana from the Galapagos. A pic I took a couple of years ago. Maybe I'll revert back to the feline soon..
  3. shag's Avatar
    hi mate
    grt to see u back on the CONTINENT
    i bet u miss the clear warm seas tho, diving, like surfing is like a drug imo, a fix u have to have
    and dont spear anything that looks bigger than a couple of foot max, it could b a shark in murkier waters.....
    guess u miss the food too.
    must b grt to get some lead in the air tho and see all the new toys the army has.
    yr advice on pru etc made me sell down my dog, bmn, thus saving me from a large drop thanks.
    u need an avatar of one of those real mean, eat anything that moves, land dragons over indonesia way.
  4. kennas's Avatar
    Hi shag, you've been away for a while?
    God knows where BMN will go. Once EXT started building their deposit it made them look like turkeys really.
    PRU still looks very good. Just check the political situation in Ivory Coast. Not sure what effect it will have.
    Had a nice day in Sydney today. Walked around Centenial Park, gone to thegym, sat on the beach at Bondi and now drinking vinos in Paddington. Life's not bad.
    Except my wife is in Salvador Brazil for Easter ....
  5. Miner's Avatar

    Read your posting on AZM
    I know you have been a great believer on AZM but the stock moved very slow.

    Hope army is treating you well

    Any comments on HEG or/ and DOM ?

    They appear to be good stocks (I hold) but price is only going south.

  6. kennas's Avatar
    Hi miner, will have a look at them.

    I think I did look closely at HEG at one point, but for some reason didn't put it on my 'close watch' list. Something was amiss.

    Yes, I was a big fan of AZM and it's undervalued position and potential for some time, but it looks expensive now imo. I ended up doing very well out of them, and am happy to have banked the money, but I'd be looking for the next thing now if I was actively investing.

    Will comment on HEG/DOM soon.



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