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newbie, need help

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hi Everyone,

I am new to investing especially investment on shares/stocks. can you please advise what sites I can read and study? something like...share trading for dummies.

also, what websites (other than ASX) I can refer to check how Australian stock market is performing? also, sites that can give advice on what shares are good to invest.

I wanna start investing soon so I would appreciate any recommendations you can give

thank you.

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  1. cartycost's Avatar
    ninemsn money section has information.
  2. kennas's Avatar
    I think there is a book, 'share trading for dummies' that you could buy.

    I was lucky when I got started my brother was a stock broker so I got all my initial advice and how to set up through him. If you have a family member or friend who can talk you throuh the basics that would be good help.

    If you end up getting an on-line account trough ETrade or Comsec then you will find all the information you need through their online services.


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