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Ahhh, Melbourne :-)

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Been home a week and it's so nice to be back in Melbourne.

Things I like:

  • No cars tooting at you to get your attention.
  • Car drivers sticking to their lanes and following traffic signals.
  • Not having to negotiate every friggin taxi ride.
  • Not being on guard about being robbed at any moment.
  • Smiling when I walk past a bank that does not have a security guard and a cop on the front door.
  • Trusting people.
  • The green!!!
  • Coffee, that is actually coffee.
  • Being served at a cafe with 'what can I get you, mate?'
  • Going to the MCG with my brother.
  • Footy and cricket.
  • Four seasons. Experienced them all already.
  • Family.
  • Babysitting my nieces.
  • Friends.
  • I could go on, the list is endless.

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  1. Miner's Avatar
    Congratulations mate
    Woods are good for greenies
    But civilisation is still better
    Hope you will enjoy Melbourne more and more and ultimately take the cap of the favourite footy team as well
  2. kennas's Avatar
    Certaily will enjoy my 4 weeks in Melbs, Miner. Great seeing faily and friends. Off to Sydney on 1 March which will be the next adventure. Hope to find a nice apartment with some Bondi Beach views. Hard to come by and bloody expensive.
  3. outback's Avatar
    Never mind, give it a month and you will be sane again and the rose coloured mist will ckear.
  4. kennas's Avatar
    LOL. Yes, I'll probably be wanting to go back to Peru for a nice little cuy with some rice and potatos.
  5. Miner's Avatar
    Why not buy some gold laden earth (nuggets) from Peru and sell them at a premium at Sydney market? Just make sure the quarantine people pass them as dirt or some sort of archaelogical products and customs do not chase you for tax to treat them as gold.

    You will buy few flats overlooking bondi beach
  6. kennas's Avatar
    Should have bought some gold when I was in Venezuela in Santa Ana just over the border from Brazil. Gotta be the biggest black market town on the planet.

    How about this one:

    In Brazil, Petrol is like 'normal' prices. About a dollar a litre, or whatever. 10km over the border, in Santa Ana, Petrol is about 20c a litre.

    As a Santa Anian, why would you work when you can fill up your tank a couple of times a day and drive over the border and 5 x your money? No one worked, they just sit all day in a massive queue for the petrol, with the Army guarding the station and taking their cut...

    But back to the topic. Had agreat day with family for breakfast and friends for dinner. Need to do a few extra pushups tomorrow...


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