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Merry Christmas and New Year!

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Hello blog readers, not too many out there, but I know you.

I wish you all the best for the Santa and New Year period, and hope you have a great time wth your family and friends.

For me, I fly to Guatemala tomorrow for a couple of weeks on a little adventure and hope to get back to Peru in early Jan safe and sound.

It was always great to get comments back from you over the year because this is not a 'regular' blog and not all of ASF know this section exists.


Seasons greetings to Prawn, Miner, Gurgler, outback, MRC & Co, grace, nomore4s, swm79, and of course - shag!

Sorry if I have left anyone out! Please remind me that you have been watching!!

Catch you in the new year!!


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  1. grace's Avatar
    Hi Kennas, thanks for your Christmas wishes!

    Interesting that you are out of the market. I'm thinking the temptation will be too much, and you will be again reminding us of all things good and bad in the market....well I hope so anyway. Even Marc Faber is of the opinion that you have to do something with your money while you wait for the blow up to happen. It may take some time after all to sort the weaklings out.

    Happy investing to all in 2010. Hope we can all pick a winner!

    cheers grace
  2. Garpal Gumnut's Avatar
    How does an ex choco CSSB Maj get to swan around south America and the Caribbean?

    Also did I spell Caribbean proper?


    ¿Ha agarrado usted alguna enfermedad v***rea mas o está su mujer con usted?

  3. kennas's Avatar
    GG, Heading back to the Green Machine next year. Driving a desk at the old Land Command now called Forces Command. OMFG!!
  4. Garpal Gumnut's Avatar
    It will be the same old same old. Different name same tricks. Enjoy the time away mate and all the best for 2010. gg


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