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I'm out!

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As I said a couple of weeks ago, I'm out!

The first time in a long time that I have no shares. Nada! It's a strange feeling.

I was only holding a few stocks; the ones I thought had very long term potential and those that I thought were extremely undervalued on a short term basis.

However, after assessing all the facts available, including my nomadic lifestyle, I have decided that in the short term it's best to be completely out of the market and to have a breather.

Worst case, in my view, is a total meltdown in the next 1-5 years which may destroy the capitalyst system.

I was more optomistic a couple of years ago thinking that the central governments would fix the bubbles by implimenting controls and mechanisms (after saving the crash) that would lead to a better future.

However, they have failed! They have not allowed those to fail that should fail and have provided cash to those that should not have cash!

What they have done is not just a bandaide solution, but a 'destroy capitalism' solution. I am in dismay. (or in dissaray)

The only out is if there is a dramatic turn around in policy, or if there is a REAL world war three and all debts are cancelled!!!

Time to take your money and run people!!

See you next time situations change.


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Updated 12th-December-2009 at 07:06 AM by kennas

What I'm up to at the moment....


  1. Miner's Avatar
    Dear Sean
    Saw your posting today so I am assuming you have returned to stock marketing again.

    Welcome back to ASF after a short break.

    I take the opportunity to wish you and your family an enjoyable Christmas and all the best for a Happier New Year.

    Hope you are utilising your time to complete your book as well during the break.

  2. kennas's Avatar
    Hi miner,
    I'm watcing with interest still, but turn the machine on and off as I fell fit.
    Waiting for a longer term opportunity to get back in, with confidence.
    1 yr - 5yr?
    My short term plans are a little complicated to allow me to be actively manageing short term positions, so best to stay out and relax.
    In fact, I am bearish enough of the medium term financial markets that I have decided to return to the Army.
    I start back in Sydney in March 2011, shuffling paper about.
    I have a 3-5 year plan to get out of the market and re-eneter once the global system is sorted out. If it is sorted out.
    Will be hanging about here, and make some small term trades if the opportunity exists, but my next major investment is a yacht on Sydney Harbour. Just a little cruiser, but something to be able to head up the coast in now and then.
  3. Miner's Avatar
    Well laid plan.
    Probably your entry to Sydney will coincide with an election with Tony Abott as PM (just kidding).

    Your sign of bearish however largely differing from banking and other investment agencies forecast. But that is why Lehman and Northern Rock collapsed. Banks make mistakes.

    Take care


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