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Positions 14 Oct

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Since last report things have gone better than I could have expected. Just about everything has ran away to what I think are overbought levels and I should take more profits, but I'm gready.

Sold half SRL when it started unravelling as mentioned in the thread and am free carried with what I have left, so just going to see where they go from here and what they do with all that cash. Probably should have completely sold out to find the next undervalued thing.

Sold a third BRM at about a 160% gain but seriously thinking about dipping back in as it's just broken some significant resistance.

Probably should have doubled my GRY holdings which was part of the plan but it's never dropped back enough for me to invest with confidence, it's just trading well ahead of itself I think. But, once it does eventually pullback will be doubling.

I've only got half IPL that I want to balance my longer term big caps and waiting for an opportunity there.

Waiting for the mythical Wave 5 (LMAO) to pick up some longer term majors like WOW, CBA, and WPL.

Gotta be a decent correction soon!!!
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  1. Gurgler's Avatar
    Don't know about imminent corrections.

    With the overly positive outlook as indicated by the DOW breaking through 10K, it may be a little way off. Kochie was getting very excited this morning. However indications are that there is a very positive outlook in Oz - but for how long???

    I'm concerned also as bubbles have a tendency to burst!
  2. prawn_86's Avatar
    F@*%$*g Giralia
  3. kennas's Avatar
    Cripes, Giralia is shaping up to be a significant iron player. Can't believe I took profits and didn't double up some time ago. Free carried on 30k will do me I suppose. Although, if McPhee Ck is looking like a 50-100Mt DSO deposit, their might be room to move.


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