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Going on holiday

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Hi there!

Not many read this, but for those that do, (particularly shag )I'm going on a holiday.

Had enough of moderating idiots and being smashed for it.

For anyone that wants to contact me:



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  1. Gurgler's Avatar
    Ok may email you soon,

    (reading often, just not contributing!)
  2. prawn_86's Avatar
    All the best K. Drop over to ATF if your ever online
  3. grace's Avatar
    Hey Kennas, every time I log in I look for your blog and I read it all with interest. Keep up the good work on reporting your trading performance and in making sure the site is well policed! Plenty of us do care! Some just won't tell you.
  4. swm79's Avatar
    All the best brother.

    Don't be a stranger.
  5. Miner's Avatar
    Hi Sean

    I am sure you and ASF can not be isolated even you are on holiday.

    Have a great holiday and spend some money so that you return to stock market more aggressively

  6. kennas's Avatar
    Hi gents, I've gone on a permanent holiday as a Mod but will be back posting as one of you again very shortly. Looking forward to racking up some infractions for abusing Hot Cockers ...


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