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Chillin in Chile

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On the first day of a 2 week vacation in Chile.

Doing part of an Intrepid trip from Santiago to Pucon and Puerto Varas and then holding up there for a few days to relax.

Very tiring first day, had 2 hours sleep last night due to trading late and an early flight.


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Updated 23rd-September-2009 at 01:23 PM by kennas



  1. kennas's Avatar
    Had a great time back in Pucon. I love that place!!

    Currently in Puerto Varas in Patagonia. PV sits on the side of a lake with numerous volcanos off to the west in the Andes. Absolutely stunning.

    Photos too big for ASF.

    See Blog:

  2. kennas's Avatar
    Chile holiday done. :-)


    Scenery 10 (Southern Andes and the Lakes District are hard to beat)
    Wine 8 (Not as good as Oz, but cheaper)
    Food 7 (World's best empanadas and salmon)
    Smoking -5 (Come on, even Greece has public no smoking areas!)
    Club Sandwich 0 (didn't find one - even in the nice hotels - losers)
    Drivers 9 (Cars give way to people even away from zebra crossings)
    People 7 (Friendly but have a funny accent)
    Overall 7 (Awesome country let down by antiquated smoking laws and a serious lack of Club Sandwiches)

    Back home to Lima in the morning.
  3. shag's Avatar
    i doubt tthe salmon is that good. i'd guess nz has best salmon in world. the massive, unique, canterbury braided rivers have awesome free run plus farmed woppers.
    and the marborough sounds farms some awesome ones. but the golden bay, pupu springs farmed fellows r likely the best in the world.
    take a speargun and take a few home. a net works good too, but not as subtle. more subtle as jelly/powergell tho.
    its all been tried and tested. positive results.
    the jelly isnt grt on the flesh tho apparently. they tend to swim or sit in pools that are too deep to shoot them. sadly.

    bloody smokers, no excuse for them to do it anywhere bar in their house, with the doors shut and not outside. we r working on it in sydney. even my 70yo gardener kicked the habit, cold turky, no namby pamby patches.

    sold my mel just before the rise, pissed me off.
  4. kennas's Avatar
    Shame about the MEL sell shag, I was a second way from ditching them too.

    I think Chile is rated 1 in the world for salmon and 2 for trout. I do know NZ pride themselves on their fishes, but you definately have some competition.
  5. shag's Avatar
    i double posted sorry and cant delete, so am typing over. excuse-stupidly slow vodafone temp net connection.
    hope yr trip was grt, hot in sydney.
    the fishers catch enormous fellas in the rivers like the rangitata. on a blind lure cast.
    i dont/never had the skill for freshwater rod fishing. nor patience, hence the shooter comming out etc. i have a pic for evidence. i gave the brown a chance to take my handmade bumblebee lure, but the shooter had to 'catch' him. a nickel spinner i believe.
    we were hungry too, trout on rice a la cart or such. shot a goat for food same day, but it stunk so bad i kicked it into the river.
    cheers mate.
    Updated 1st-October-2009 at 01:33 PM by shag


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