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Positions update 1 Sep

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Added some more GRY last week.
SRL took a dip related to dividend 30c a share. Thank you very much!
There were some other ex dividend too, like TOL I think.
Overall things are up since the last update.
ICN has been a champ.
Thinking about adding some more PRU, but I'm a bit overweight in it now. But, for a reason I suppose. Still very undervalued and plenty of news coming up. Plus gold running.
Might add another gold stock, perhaps NCM, or just add to LGL.
Considering adding to WCL. Some good news on some acerage last week and I am underweight in it compared to ICN and MEL.
Thinking about ditching some AZM. Not as confident as I have been with their prospects.

This market has been very resiliant....

Current positions compared to last one on 7 Aug.
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  1. kennas's Avatar
    I think out of the stocks I hold now, PRU has the most potential upside in the comming months. Highly dependent on POG of course. But, even if it stays steady, they have some big news coming out in this quarter which looks certain to be good. Lots of drilling results in areas where gold is being picked up off the turf! Or, I'm wrong... he he
  2. kennas's Avatar
    A couple of things breaking out which is lovely to watch.

    BRM, ICN, GRY, PRU (whoohoo!!! )
  3. kennas's Avatar
    Sold a third AZM. Will wait and see how the sp goes and what their next results are before moving again.
  4. kennas's Avatar
    Bought just a few more PDN @ $4.69 as a long term play after the capital raising. I think they are set to be a very long term monster uranium company.

    Unless there's a major nuclear disaster coming up... eeek
  5. kennas's Avatar
    Some really unusual action on AZM volume wise. Very suspiscious. Thinking of buying back in with even more. lol
  6. kennas's Avatar
    AZM up to 16c on volume, gotta be something up, they don't start a new drilling campaign till the end of the month.

    PRU outsanding intersections out yesterday, the new resource estimate for Trengala could be a significant boost. Could be anything. Have to add some more tomorrow. Way overweight in it now, but it's just a great looking stock with plenty of exploration potential yet and LGL knocking on the door I reckon.

    Another resource building for GIR, hit $1.00 yesterday on the ann, what a run from the bottom. Whoohoo!

    MEL, WCL, woof woof


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