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NRG Trading

Final NRG Results

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Final NRG results as all trades except SSM have been closed but to finalise the results I have used todays closing price for SSM as the exit price.

First trade was taken on 25/09/08 but I didn't trade between 30/09/08 - 21/11/08 and final trade was taken on 14/07/09 and obviously the last open trade was closed on 01/09/09.
So the results are pretty strong considering it was only about 8 months of actual trading and I haven't entered a trade for this portfolio since the 14/07/09 and the market conditions have obviously been favourable during that time. I have been trading but just not live on the blog.

Another drag on this account has been the fees, over $5k, I have addressed this by now trading with IB and getting $6 each way instead of $20.
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Updated 1st-September-2009 at 09:28 PM by nomore4s

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  1. kennas's Avatar
    Nice. If this sort of result is compounded over time could turn in to some serious money! Good work.


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