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Trading the SPI


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We will of course be Selling this level.
Sycom closed at 4485

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  1. Bronte's Avatar
    Opened at 4501 (above our Resistance / Support Level)
    We saw a 4489 Low immediately after open
    Support holding for now.......
    4534 High followed by 4481 Low
    Now 4498
  2. Bronte's Avatar
    Todays High 4487
    Now 4469
  3. Bronte's Avatar
    Dow down - 186 points
  4. Bronte's Avatar
    So far.....4412 Low
    Update: 4405 Low
    Updated 2nd-September-2009 at 03:36 PM by Bronte
  5. Bronte's Avatar
    Dow down again -30 points
    New Lower Low this morning.
  6. kennas's Avatar
    Bronte, this is pointless and not worth following unless you give some more information. I would be interested if you shared some more detail. kennas
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