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majix million$

29 September, '07 (Sat)

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Majix Numbers

Recent goings on...

CFE - Sold in mid-60s.
Bought in the 30s.
People selling on Friday arvo. prior ann. on Tuesday.

CRJOA - Sold. Small, quickie.

HNR - In and out yesterday. Went up
20+% yesterday. Been a lot volume last couple of days.

EMR - Sold. Made couple hundred bucks.
Could have made quite a bit of $ here, if sold in the 30s or even, 20s.

AYR - Recent purchase. Gold in Laos. Neorology. Another Oxiana?

Interesting -

HDN - Substantial share holder notice yesterday.

Looking at a couple of others for purchase. More research this weekend.

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