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Income Portfolio Update

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Current open positions for my Income Portfolio.

Still have yet to sell any stocks out of this portfolio but will be looking to exit WBA very shortly.

Due to the strength in the market and the performance of this portfolio to date I have had to re-adjust my goals and have split it into 2 sections - Income & Growth.

Income will be the original idea and Growth stocks will be more actively traded but with a long term trend following bias. I will update the blog when I have finalised the 2 portfolios.
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Income Portfolio


  1. kennas's Avatar
    Some awesome gains there Nomore4s! Nice work.
  2. MRC & Co's Avatar
    Go CCP!
  3. Iron Man's Avatar
    Well done
  4. nomore4s's Avatar
    Thanks guys, but it has more to do with the market then any great skill on my part.

    A quick update on a few stocks.

    NAB has SPP @ $21.50 and I will be putting in for the full amount @ $15,000 and hoping it doesn't get scaled back too much.

    FLX has a takeover offer on the table @ $16.95 + $1.00 d/e. ATM the plan is to hold on for a bit to see if any better offers come but I doubt any will so I will look to exit that position shortly around the $17.95 area.
  5. nomore4s's Avatar
    Sold OMH @ ave $1.661 the other day.

    I have also been stopped out of all the trades except SSM in my trading portfolio so I will update all those results when I get time.


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