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Positions 7 Aug

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Maybe this is the last update.

Made an error with the average formula on the last graph, so updated here, also with prices on Friday.

Would like to put up the true % gain according to $$ but I don't want to say how much I have invested. The actual % gain to account for differences in asset allocation isn't that much. 5% less.

Some time ago I mentioned a Model Portfolio, which I wanted to have set at the 'bottom' of this recession/depression. I started to build that, but have been a bit slow. I bought CBA and IPL which were in the portfolio, but sold to remain safe. Both poor decisions.

I also had LEI on the list, and what a mistake that has been, so far.

Still, 'investing' is a long term proposition and I look forward to being able to grab them at some point soon.

Looks like March is the near term bottom, but mid-long term I think the measures taken by governments to get us out of this will come back to bight us harder. How long will that take? One year? Five Years? Whatever the case, that much debt has to hurt later unless we all find some cunning way to get out of it.

Longer term, I am questioning the total consumer driven philosophy of sustainable economic growth with Government intervention. Booms and busts are essential, we can not just boom. Governments intervening in this to catch votes totally fvcks it up.

Let's let the system work!!

So, my future plans with investing is to get myself away from the computer as much s possible during the evening to be able to have a normal life over here. That means longer term investments, and less specs that need monitoring, and certainly no CFD short term trading. That is, until circumstances change.

Right now, looks like I will be leaving Peru in May 2010 to travel up through Central America to do some research and contracting for a new travel company I am going to set up with my wife based in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, with the aim of starting tours in Jan 2011. So, during that period, (a few months maybe) I'll be on the road. Far less ASF time! lol
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  1. shag's Avatar
    jeeze mate, dont desert us. hell there wont be much left worth reading here if u stop making comments. i really enjoyed yr blogs as infrequent as they may have been.
    id say more but comuter buggered still-i dropped it-twice.
    i must say ive learnt and prospered well from yr comments-learnt of lots of good miners that i never knew of.
    as julie lee? said/noted recently, i am picking another 7 odd yrs of aus bull materal or do u just say the risk is to the upside.
    i picked up a handful of cu and fe on friday-couldnt help myself.
    cheers shag.
    ps a good article on 'peak' coal this week too-notably aus is the only big net exporter left.
  2. MRC & Co's Avatar
    GL Kennas, you live a truly lucky life! Enjoy it. You still have a while yet on ASF before you have to do something as terrible as travel through Central America for months!


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