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Holdings update

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This week sold NEM at break even after bad news crunched them. The same type of bad news that has crimped them the past year or so.

Bought more BMN on break up through $2.50 and $2.75.

Bought an initial stake in EXM on break through 3 cents. Will top up if 3 confirmed as support, or push through 3.5. Hoping that drilling starting this month will give it a significant boost. This is more a short term trade and I won't hold it if it fails down through 3.

Have recently cleared margin loan and have added a few units to Hunter Hall GVT...

With gold spiking as I speak I anticipate LGL and NCM to gap up quite a bit Monday am, and I may take a few profits.

Gold has run too hard IMO and if this continues I suspect a sharp correction back to around the $700 mark.

HLX broke up to all time highs last week probably due to the free option attracting investors. I may buy a few more next week as I'm confident that positive Yalleen drilling results will rerate the company.

KMN is disappointing to say the least. Their 2 assets are world class and I reckon it should have a market cap well above current levels. Perhaps a good JORC confirming Kalman to be a major Mo/Cu/Au/Re/U deposit will do it. It's due around Christmas, or just after. Could be a watershed. If the next drilling results confirm further good grades, I'll probably buy more.

The P&L on current holdings has been amended as I was using an incorrect formula to calculate the %.
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  1. moneymajix's Avatar

    The only stock we have in common is EXM.

    HLX has done very well of late.

    Best of luck.


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