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Current positions

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Been a while since last posting.

Have bought and sold a couple of things and been doing some very short term CFD trading which has been going average.

I'm finding that in my current situation just 'investing' is the only way to enjoy the lifestyle in Peru.

I think I will stop putting these up from now, and start concentrating on some longer term buy and hope positions, and start relaxing at night....
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  1. Gurgler's Avatar
    HI Sean

    Is this a serious change in your approach?
    I'll miss your 'disclosures' - irregular though they are!

  2. kennas's Avatar
    I think it might be.

    Far less buying and selling for a while I think.

    Maybe I'm just going through a zone.

    I've been going to Spanish school, to the gym, learning guitar, doing salsa lessons, working on my book, and helping my wife at her work with special projects during the day. Then, slap the market on top at night and I'm just 'working' 18 hours a day, lol.

    The recent irregular updates is pretty much because I haven't been doing much buying or selling of medium/longer term position stocks. Just bought some AMP, TOL, SUN, WBC. Took 1/3 of my SRL position off the table today, so makes it free carried.

    Very disappointed in some of my decisions a while ago in regard to CBA and WBC. Bought them at the ABSOLUTE bottom as short term trades and then let them go. Not sure what was going through my mind to have not managed that better. Also had LEI and WOR in my sights as well, and let them slip. I'm more disappointed in missing those than not selling MAK, DMM, BMN, NCM, LGL at their breakdowns. Harry Hindsight is bashing me over the head with a cricket bat.

    In the very long run, probably won't matter. Add this to experience database for later on.


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