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I'm Vishal, a little bit about me:

I'm 21 now - I used to be a chef, but that didn't get me to Europe fast enough, Dad encouraged me to play in shares, so with the money I saved up from being a chef, I put it into BEN (Bendigo Bank) - and my money doubled instantly and off I was to Europe.

I love shares, finance, and I'm studying journalism at the moment, and I have my heart bent on being a good finance journalist.


My trading style:

I trade in what I think the most simplest way possible, when a share bounces off support I buy it, when a share breaches resistance I buy it, and I use stop-losses on most of my trades, unless its a long-term investment.

I long/short the Aussie200 index too, and I short stocks on speculation of them being punished.

I also play in international shares, my avatar is my most successful trade (thanks Alcan).

Dad and me made a special signal on FCharts that gives a fairly accurate signal on when to buy.

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