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The unofficial conduit?

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Hu is G.Rudd?

** all wild speculation here.

But it sure is timely and urgent for Greg to make this move. A very Chinese approach, gotta say. This shows Krudd does know a thing or two on how the Chinese operate. There is no better person than your own brother to carry whatever message you want to convey as the brotherly relationship demonstrates guanxi and trust to the Chinese counter party clearly. The implicit message to the Chinese would be this - you can tell Greg what is in your mind (what do you want?) directly and frankly and you can trust that it will reach my ears only and no one else...

It's show time.

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  1. haunting's Avatar
    Dreaming of a seat in the Security Council?

    Wow! And Doh!

    ...if this is the ambition and plan, then why published that defence white paper? Don't they know China holds veto power in UN? Surely they know better it's much easier to have China on their side as China commands a sizeable African "allies" and would mobilise them for the Aussie cause?

    What the...!
  2. haunting's Avatar
    Rudd may contact China?

    ** well, who is he gonna call? President Hu? I doubt he would get through.... PM Wen? He is not in charge in this matter. So who is he going to call?

    Humiliation is waiting for him. But if he doesn't make the call, worse may happen... for example, try contemplating the possibility of China cutting back their commodity purchases from Australia. This is a very real possibility and it would depend a lot on how RIO/BHP's merger being handled by the Australian government. The Chinese retaliation in this case could potentially change the whole election landscape in the forth coming election.

    An exaggeration? Possibly, but it sure would give Malcolm Turnbull a big free pass, say if the Australian balance of payment by then is in rapid decline into the negative. Could the Labor govt take such a risk? Would they want to take such a risk?

    I can almost see Malcolm's sly smile on his face... what a godsend!

    “I did not expect that China would react so harshly,” Roger Groebli, head of market analysis at LGT Capital Management, said in Hong Kong. “China has a serious interest to take stakes in Australian mining companies, therefore this discussion might set the hurdles a bit higher. I rate this as a drag for stock prices as well as investor confidence.”
    ** Roger might not have expected this... but he shouldn't be that surprised because the relationship between China and Australia was already in downward slide since Krudd gave his human rights speech in China. Since then, the deterioration has been accelerating from the defence white paper to the various FIRB decision clearly showing a discriminatory bias against the Chinese enterprises.

    Yes, I am aware of the point that most Chinese enterprises are state owned, but in the Chinese eyes, corporations like Chinalco and Minmetal are as "independent" as they can possibly be by the Chinese standard, and to keep their approach as professional as possible - they both engaged Investment advisors from the West and follow their advices to the dot; and yet they were ruled as unacceptable... if you believe the Chinese are not upset about these, you haven't been paying attention.

    ... and so here we are - sh** has really hit the fan and the heat and risk are rising by the day; you can call them any name you like but please learn this lesson - don't screw with your biggest customer. It could bakfire...
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