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Holdings 3 July

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Been a poor couple of weeks as you'd think.

Still waiting for the long awaited pullback to get fully invested.

Probably going to buy some FRS Monday am, looks undervalued and just starting to break from a nice triangle.
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  1. shag's Avatar
    i see bloody srl has gone off yr chart nearly
    all the spp's have been soaking up any spare cash
    like some more gry on more good grades.
    look at the icn vrs mel, i choose the dog.
  2. kennas's Avatar
    MEL is a strange one. Clearly undervalued on what corporate action has gone on before. It's time should come.
  3. shag's Avatar
    i took yr advice re azm, dropped order and started fishing for some around 10.
  4. kennas's Avatar
    shag, market breaking down from support will destroy everything. Not much will be saved as we have seen.

    I'm waiting to see how the market reacts to 3700. If it bounces strongly, then we're ok in the short term. I reckon there's more liklihood of going straight through and testing lows, at which time will be a good buying opportunity.

    I'm much happier to be half invested right now, ready to take advantage of the next capitulation.
  5. shag's Avatar
    yes im watching 3700 myself and wondered the same. its not a big order anyway, but there r fortunes to be had by buying lower too.
    jeez azm has some good grades readimg yr post. 40grms must be yellow vein material.
    i might try to go down a mine one day, one mate worked the waihi mine, newmont? owned now. small but good grades. hes in bloody greenland presently on that lead and zinc? project. his wife does europe while hes stuck there. big cold war airstrip close to mine.
    thinking of greenland, winters nearly over sydneyway. aus is an awesome plot. a taxi driver recently said why go elsewhere when u're in the best country in the world. hes probably too bright to do driving too long.


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