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East Timor - for shag

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1. Me and a Singapore Major in the country side.
2. Commander Sector West (second I worked for), RSM (No3) and Driver.
3. Commander (No1) and RSM (No1)
4. NZ Haka at their HQ in Suai.
5. PTE Manning Memorial in Timor
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Updated 27th-June-2009 at 01:10 PM by kennas



  1. shag's Avatar
    thanks mate, timor is one of the few south pacific spots i havnt been too. but then must be grt going to a country in the millitary in the respect u see the real guts of it.
    what the pics dont show is the heat i presume, looks dry.
    a kiwi got shot from memory or some skirmish.
    its good to see australasia being more proactive in our back door.
  2. kennas's Avatar
    I went to the spot the Kiwi died. There is a memorial there and I took a photo of the Kiwi CO at the time after he placed a poppy on it. Will delete one of the photos above and replace it with that.

    Is a sad tail.

    His patrol (I think a Section) group were approaching the top of this feature which is practically on the border with West Timor, when they started to receive fire. The Section returned fire and the militia then started throwing hand grenades down the hill on top of them. PTE Manning was seriously injured and could not move. The rest of the Section started laying down fire and firing RPGs (I think 66's) into the top of the hill, but the Militia (and probably Kopassus) had a significant advantage. There was no way they could get back to him to assist. I hope he died on the hill, but I think they may have got him still alive. Pretty ugly stuff. Was pretty emotional for me being there, along with the Kiwi patrol I was with.
    Updated 27th-June-2009 at 01:19 PM by kennas
  3. kennas's Avatar
    I just dug this up from a web search:

    Indonesian special forces 'killed UN peace-keeper in East Timor'
    By Richard Lloyd Parry and Joanna Jolly in Dili

    Friday, 4 August 2000

    A United Nations peace-keeper who died in East Timor last month was shot by former members of the Indonesian special forces under the noses of the Indonesian authorities, military sources in Dili say.

    Private Leonard Manning,from New Zealand, was killed on 24 July after an attack on East Timor's border with Indonesia that showed all the hallmarks of a military ambush carried out by trained soldiers.

    In a sweep of the area after the attack, UN forces found a backpack containing military rations and survival equipment, as well as a shirt bearing the insignia of Kopassus, the special forces, which established a murderous reputation in the 24 years after the Indonesian invasion of East Timor in 1975.

    They also found the body of Private Manning, whose throat had been cut and his ears severed, another Kopassus trademark. The uniforms worn by the attackers were plain green rather than the more common camouflage style, and they also wore balaclavas, rather than the motley assortment of headgear that are favoured by the civilian militiamen.

  4. shag's Avatar
    i remember it now
    i suspect the press was told to keep it down as it got little press for a country desperate for news(fairfax owns all bar one broadsheets and major papers).
    thats the time u need yr f111's on the coast on an aircraft carrier with tanks of napalm(being burnt is meant to be one of the worst ways to die or maimed).
    at least he didnt die in vain, despite the sorded history at least east timor seems deemed to be 'free', plus the poorly equiped nz defence force used his death to get new lav's quickly, unfortunately those overpriced, rediculously complex, european ones. under a strong and very pacifist labour government.
    but still bugger all remember the dead, life comes along and u have to move on.
    if/when new zealand finds significant oil and gas in at least one of the eight sedimentary basins it has that are relatively to totally unexplored, u wonder if it will ever get its strike airforce again. all it really has is cannon fodder. i say this in respect to the recent australian policy.
    most new zealanders dont realise how close the place got to being lost in WWII or that australia was bombed etc.
  5. kennas's Avatar
    Australia and NZ have probably the closest Defence relationship on the planet. The only slight has been your nuclear policy which resulted in the ANZUS treaty practically watered down to a AUS treaty. Our major TS Defence plans still call on each country to support one another. When you have 100 JSF in Australia, and the US in front of us, you're covered.


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