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Will China rule the world?

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Read about them expert view on China...

Frankly if they were to spend a bit of time tracing the Chinese cultural traits back to the Pre-Christ era, they probably could see much clearer and understand better.

Here's the biggest clue I hope they can see - the Great Wall of China. You can even see this sucker from the moon.

Why did so many Chinese dynasties through centuries built and extended this wall? Very simple - to keep the barbarians out and to keep the Chinese citizens in.

If someone has been trying so hard to keep others out of their country, would they really want to rule the rest of the world? Which basically mean more headache if you were to think along the line of building another wall?

Ok, if this doesn't make sense to you... try seeing more objectively from the Chinese angle on how the current Communist ruler in China conduct their affairs. The out cry from the West is they oppress and suppress their own citizens and deny them their freedom, justice and a whole lots of other western ideals... quite true if you are outside looking in and if you are not aware of the Chinese idea of how to keep your dynastic rein running for a thousand years.

Yes, it's quite obvious - the current Chinese communist rulers are doing exactly what the Chinese rulers have been doing in the last 10,000 years... for example, instead of building a physical great wall, they have build a new great firewall to keep their people in, away from all the outside influence, so their dynasty can remain safe.

They are quite good in doing that as they have been doing that for thousands of years.

Do they have time and energy and the ambition to rule the rest of the world and wage wars to conquer new territories?

Look, don't be silly. They rather do business with you than want to run your life. They already have a handful of people to worry about - 1.3bln and counting.

So take my words for it. They don't want to rule the world. They just want to do business with you...

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