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NRG Trading

Open Trades as of 12/06/09

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Current open trades.
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Updated 12th-June-2009 at 09:16 PM by nomore4s

NRG Trading , NRG Open Positions


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  1. nomore4s's Avatar
    COK stopped out @ $0.46

    EWC closed out @ $0.645
  2. nomore4s's Avatar
    Not a good day for me today, fair bit of slippage. Was going to close out a few positions yesterday but I decided against it - oh well that is trading.

    Closed trades today -
    AWC @ ave $1.51574
    STO @ ave $14.70
    WPL @ $41.78
    NHC 750 @ $4.4580266
    NHC 1000 @ $4.45
    PBG 6000 @ $0.795
  3. nomore4s's Avatar
    CEY stopped out @ $2.76
  4. kennas's Avatar
    Best to play by your rules in the trading game. And stick to them!

    Me, I am totally discretionary which means bigger gains and bigger losses....

  5. nomore4s's Avatar
    Yeah if the market had rallied I would have made a killing, but now my losses have been well contained with very minimal damage to my account.

    On to the next trades now.
  6. Iron Man's Avatar
    Bit of a dumper of a day. My trading has tight stops and so far keeping equity safe.
  7. nomore4s's Avatar
    2 trades stopped out so far today

    MAP @ $2.20
    IPL @ $2.53
  8. investorpaul's Avatar
    I got stopped out of my BBG at 8.40 yesterday and I also had a short running on WBC (from a while back) my stop was 20.10 and it got to 20.09 (on IG markets) I thought I would be stopped out by the end of the day but it started to reverse and has continued to drop today. That 1 cent has saved me quiet a few dollars so far
  9. nomore4s's Avatar
    Few more stopped out

    UGL @ $9.94
    NAB @ $21.60
  10. nomore4s's Avatar
    2 more stopped out today

    LYC @ 47c
    ENV @ 47c
  11. nomore4s's Avatar
    SUN stopped out @ $6.15

    Trade taken

    WPL short @ $40.20 x 185 w/stop @ $42.05
  12. kennas's Avatar
    I'm out of SUN and IPL today.

    Breakdown across the board looks ominous. If the XAO breaks 3700, I'm completely bailing.
  13. kennas's Avatar
    And while on the issue of selling this am, I was once again fu*ked over by Etrade with my orders not been accepted because it was on a margin account, even though I was simply trying to sell stock I already owned. I've issued a very serious Please Explain and will be moving to another broker (although a pain in the fu*ckin @rse) if the problem is not fixed, because this is beyond unacceptable.
  14. nomore4s's Avatar
    Kennas you might have to give Etrade the flick if they can't sort those problems out, no point having a broker who you can't actually buy or sell anything through.

    Dom @ $4.60 x 1000 w/stop TBA.
  15. kennas's Avatar
    It's OK when trading with the cash account, they just haven't got margin lending and IRESS talking. I'm not sure if it will be any different trading through anyone else with a margin account through IRESS. I sent them a WTF! email and have had no response.
  16. nomore4s's Avatar
    You should really have a look at Mac prime.
    * Platform sh!ts on Etrade or Commsec imo
    * Margin available if required
    * Pays interest on uninvested amounts without having to switch between accounts
    * Allows short selling
    * Has stops & GSL (very expensive though)
  17. kennas's Avatar
    That sounds good, will check it out, cheers.

    I like the interest on univested amounts bit. I had about 100k sitting in cash in the margin account earning zero for some time. WTF!! Actually, there's still 50k in there now. WTFF!
  18. nomore4s's Avatar
    lol, I'm not sure of the current rate but I know it was around the same rate as my high interest account with Comm Bank.
  19. nomore4s's Avatar
    Trades today.

    IPL @ $2.50 x 1750 w/stop @ $2.30
    KAR @ $7.45 x 500 w/stop @ $6.83

    Also wanted to enter PDN today but it gapped too much this morning, might get another chance at it later.
  20. nomore4s's Avatar
    Stop & reverse on WPL short.
    Exit 185 @ $41.989974 ave

    Now long x 200 @ $41.989974 ave
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