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Holdings 6 June

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This week:

Doubled BHP holdings, may even do so again.
Bought 50% more AZM which has taken the average buy price to around 10c, and has subsequesntly knocked down the overall % gain.
Bought IPL ave $2.65, on the breakthrough $2.60. Looks like it was crashing until the BHP/RIO news pushed everything up.

PDN hasn't given me the oportunity to buy again the bugger. Just kept running...
Looking at more BRM on break through $1.20. This BHP/RIO thing could make solo players run for some time.
Watching my CSG plays closely (ICN, MEL, WCL)and thinking of adding depending on the price action. One bad well and they'll crap out, but any decent upward moves could mean M&A action.
SRL, love you long time. See you back at $5.00 in a few months. Will transform into a 42 ft ketch by then. kiss kiss.
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  1. shag's Avatar
    yes i was wondering when u might buy the queen mary. but remember just up the road on bondi theres a dive platform, just waiting to be hooked up to a car and relocated. id do it, but im a bit close.
    bhp must be a winner. the deal of the century. what a week for australia. no recession, and the big australian.
    will the chinese view this as a pommy stuffup or an australian conspiracy. they have long memories.
  2. kennas's Avatar
    Diving off Bondi? eeek!

    I lived in Cronulla for 2 years and did a bit of diving off the rocks there. Eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkk!! 16 degrees. Did get to see some nice Leafy Sea Dragons off Kurnell, but otherwise, eeeeeeeekkkkkk!!!
  3. shag's Avatar
    i mean a boat mate. i'd dive bondi, but hell im from nz where the water is always artic material, and no vis. i'm used to having to dive in tasman surf as bad if not worse than bondi, u hold onto big rocks in surges and get mauled too. but then when u r young n dumb and hungry for cray.
    u'd put yr nose up to a crevace looking for cray(holding on for life), usually with only a foot or two of vis, and u'd be lucky if there wasnt a big conger eel looking back at u. to me, conger/moray eels make sharks look friendly.
    we dived the coast directly southwest of bondi, the top of the west coast of the south island. its not flash for a dive, rarely got calmish.
    they have pet groper at clovelly that make ok dives.
    in nz its all cold and murky unless well offshore from what i know. in a 7mill wettie who cares, helps with the rocks too.
  4. shag's Avatar
    oh to make it really fun, we had to usually lug our tank, weight belt, beer etc down a largish hill.
    then sans beer, lug paua, cray, a wet wettie, and a slightly lighter tank etc, up this bloody hill, then near two hrs on crap roads return to semi civilisation-more beer tho....then a big cookup.
    the old man complains now that i always came home sans crays and paua too, so presumably somehow it all got consumed/'lost' on the slow liquid trip home. nothing like a steinie, big bot of DB or warm 4x after a dive and tons of salt water. and by the next time u consider the dive, all the pain has been forgotten.
  5. kennas's Avatar
    IPL looking tenous imo. Really needs to hold above $2.50. When the inevitable market correction hits, it could be punished. I've picked this as a LONG term stock though. As in, hold through the entire crisis type stock to come out the other end and run back to old highs type of thing. I'm confusing myself by wanting to cut losses early here though. So, I'm just not sure about how confused I am...
  6. kennas's Avatar
    Bought some SUN pre-empting break through $6.50, maybe for a LONG term turn arund story. QLD worries me though.
    Adding more ICN yesterday.
    Maybe a few more BRM tmw.
    IPL, holding looks ok.
    SRL, hug hug kiss kiss.
    Looking at WBC, CBA, maybe WOW, for LONG term buy and hope portfolio.
  7. shag's Avatar
    did u see there was a good looking white tiger in nz that ate the zookeeper a week back. now that would make a better avatar.
    poor fellas dead now tho, the tiger. guess in todays pc world u cant have a tiger with a rep. like that, like.... hey kids, thats the fella that had the black dood for breakie last week.

    anyway, any idea on cheaper ways to get dosh from a nz bank to aus, ie currency exchange. i currently use ausforex, but on 4-5 ton nz a yr, 1 or 2pc adds up. i asked on a fx forum but got singed-tho i didnt choose a particularly relevant fx forum, but there appears to be none.
    dosh comes in blocks of 10k, adding up to that sum per yr approx.
    maybe i could buy nz gold...suitcase it and cash it here, but i doubt thats efficient either and bugger going back there.
    i might need to hedge too one day, since the nz/aus cross appears fundamentally to be a slippery slope, but thats a seperate issue.
    see the nz sas will formerly be off to afghanistan soon again. they have been prepping nz for a death. timor must have been interesting.
  8. kennas's Avatar
    Yeah read about the tiger. Odd that an animal born in captivity would eventually turn. Just goes to show the basic instincts run pretty deep.

    Not sure about other means of transferring money. You can cappy $10K into the country can't you? Maybe it's cheaper to fly it in and out with the cheap airfares going?

    Hadn't read about NZ sending SAS back in. Are they working with the Australian group?
  9. shag's Avatar
    re fx its converting the stuff, i get moneys/it in nz dollars, which i really need in aus dollars. i guess ill just try to negotiate a better rate. i just get pissed at paying so much in bank fees, ozeforex is macbank i think. even if u buy aus stock in nz it has to go thru a currency conversion(one which the banks fleece u).
    doesnt really matter i just wondered if some guru had a better fx company or method. people must wire large amounts all the time and u presume sometimes they change currency.
  10. shag's Avatar
    awe fuk, i just got a phone call and missed the open so purchased some stock on yesterdays order.
    im a little premature re the nz sas, but they r signalling they will take out the engineers etc out of bamian, and replace them with 65 sas.
    they might put them with another unit, why put yr top squads togeather? sounds like its really messy at times. id like to see the gunship at work. the tallies must dread it circularing above them.
    isnt it odd how they have bought in the two biggest and seemingly old dead dogs back from vietnem, ie the daisy cutters and the gunships. the gunships must be damn effective nowadays with computer controls and live feeds.
    bugger being under that hellfire.
  11. kennas's Avatar
    I am very surprised that the NZ SAS are not still there along side our SASR. Even just a troop (or part of) as part of a squadron. They have worked together quite a lot recently. I think the NZ Army have just been stretched recently so maybe thet's why. Will be more surprised that when the Dutch leave Australia and NZ don't form an ANZAC Brigade with support from others...
  12. shag's Avatar
    yes they probably have been all along, just not officially. better than sitting at home. when they get too bored or unused they join up with the poms and tag along.
    it doesnt take much to stretch the nz force, whats left. some idiots proposed again no millitary for nz recenty. they forgot all the ancillary roles they provide like search and rescue.
    over there the thinking is very different to aus re allies and defence.
    they r still paying for the nuclear debacle and will for yrs to come. it was just so rediculous and poorly managed back then, we all could have lived with the US compromise.
    maybe lange got bullied behind the scenes, and got pissed, but then when the french bullied him re the terrorists, he gave in. hes dead now anyway so we will never know.
  13. shag's Avatar
    oh i saw yr iron ore chart. it was good, despite it being too large for my screern and me too lazy to scroll across.
    i presume u realised as soon as u put it up, it was out of date re ago's activities.
    fat profits spruiked cok this week, and coincided with a rise. so i guess that means we r in for a new bull market and plenty of people have forgotten the little fact the world is still in recession, plus how much they have lost listening to them.
    hope u r too busy going around the boat yards to not update yr blog....maybe that packer idiot will sell his tinny soon? i hope hes not reading yr blog in an attempt to curtain his massive loses despite knowing all the boys in power.

    oh while on such issues, maybe i need to do a 'bigdog' on the bmn site, so to mimick his actions for bmn's benefit.
    Updated 20th-June-2009 at 04:47 PM by shag ('''up)
  14. kennas's Avatar
    I'll update the IO sheet now and then. I'm hoping other members can contribute by pointing out updates, and identifying other companies.

    Makes FRS look pretty good to me.

    Been slack with the blog. Just not doing a whole lot, waitin for the market to fall over again to put some more longs on.

    Did double my ICN and WCL holdings last week.
  15. Miner's Avatar
    Hi Sean

    Are you catching tigers now ? This latest one is very good. Golden colour suggests you are after gold now.

    What happens to your weekly posting ?

    Take care
  16. kennas's Avatar
    Hi Miner,

    I was away drunk for most of the weekend and forgot.

    Will catch up this week.

    Looks like the correction is finally taking hold. It's about time, was a crazy run. Or, just a good old bear market bounce. Always happens.

    Might have to wait till the next overshoot to the downside to wade back in.

  17. shag's Avatar
    bloody wacko jacko's kicked the bucket..
    he had a zoo didnt he, with tigers? is that how u got the new one, when he had his firesale...
    re stocks, cant work out if to risk more debt or not, and on what.
    im presuming u're still sloshed. isnt s america where when u get donein, u wakeup missing bits of yr anatomy.
    nz's just come out with more appaling figures, predictable, a shame u couldnt short nz. i guess thats what currencys r about.
  18. shag's Avatar
    maybe wacko needed a pig farm in his zoo, to get rid of a few of those complaining kids.
    we used to have pigs, long long ago, makes me wonder...
    while im on it, the cussy bros in nz used to just put them in the hangi and eat em. i always wondered why the hole they used was so big and they were basically dead lazy. ie why dig such a big hole....oh right, to put the 13yo virgins in and yr mates u dont like....
    they didnt have pigs back then.
    Updated 26th-June-2009 at 12:43 PM by shag
  19. kennas's Avatar
    Love a hangi! The NZ and Fiji boys liked to cook them in East Timor for special occasions. yum yum. Forgotten what the Aboriginies call them, but a similar cooking style. Was lucky to have some ral black fella food somewhere in the NT including roo, goana, snake, and turtle. No tiger though.
  20. shag's Avatar
    i did a couple
    went up and shot a pig for my 20th party. flogged loads of cabbages from some farmers paddock, flogged railway sleepers from hagley park, and flogged some railway iron from rail yards.
    used the iron as couldnt get stones easy and u need ones that wont explode on u. cabbages for cover n steam, sleepers for a day and night long fire. being a scarfie u'd be buggered before u paid for anything bar grog as i guess u remember. the park is in the middle of chch, bloody heavy loading all this crap into someones trailer.
    a croc would go well and kangaroos.
    dad had turtle in the war-pacific, and bat. turtles good i believe.
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