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Iron Man

The market give me the sh####

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Well the last week had been more pain than gain with alot of trades getting stopped out. My trailing stop is tight and maybe too tight. I have adjusted the stop to give alittle more room. Being too tight got me out of CFU. Which jumped today up 28%.

Equity has taken a hit with the stops and now I am back into taking profits where they lay. Must protect the mothership.

Using a tool that is quite good at picking reversal to the upside I have entered lots of trades today.


The best out the lot is EWC,MMX.

The best problem with such a small account is that I get fixed on watching the P&L and not trading the chart. On the other hand the market gives you the profit and you trade the chart and the next day it melts away/

Check out BMN I am in since April it must break soon???

A strong day on the dow is needed to get these ponies going. If all goes to plan I may be able to double the account.

Once the account is doubled in P&L I will cash in the account. eg $4000 cash in. Then reset entries and be more selective. Of course the market maybe in a bull run so it may be scaled out. I am still bullish on the market.

Yes I need a feel good intake of big profits.

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  1. ThingyMajiggy's Avatar
    which way are you expecting BMN to break?
  2. Iron Man's Avatar
    there are three ways, up- down - sideways take your pick?

    I am long from a earlier entry, however to enter now I would cover both bases.
  3. James Austin's Avatar
    where is Iron Man, not made of steal hey?

    try Mercury Man, thats a better approach.

    he'll have more chance at trading success, . . . . flow with the market . . . . ahhhhhhh
  4. Iron Man's Avatar
    Thanks Austin

    I have been looking into adjustments to my trading style in regards to the objective of making my equity grow. Over the last 4 months its been going up and down around the $3000 mark. My plan is to take some profits early and trail the rest at breakeven stop. Plus some other short term or day plays. Goal is to hit $5000 by end of the month.
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