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Positions 15 May

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Hard to keep track of things when I'm laying on a beach, but I'm trying.

Lost some money last week, but the markets holding up, God damn it!!!
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  1. kennas's Avatar
    Watching ICN for making good support above 30.
    PDN should have quadrupled investment months ago! aaargggh
    TLS still have, but it's holding so better than in the bank.
    If MEL bounces off the 60 level I'm more in.
    If MAK bounces off 50ish and strides through 62, I'm in again.
    BRM looks to have hit a terminal point and needs to be sold.
    GIR I have no idea what it should be sold at. A mystery stock!
  2. kennas's Avatar
    Bought more PDN on break up.
  3. shag's Avatar
    yes i was hoping to get some, icn, but i dont have free cash presently.
    azm climbing, another i wish i had free cash for. id have to sell some bmn. dmn also creeping up.
    we will have to pick up iour pru entitlements soon too.
    gry looks good, but i've few of these too. just no readies, all in bmn.
    my few iva r just waiting for olympic dam version two....
    few of these too.
    cold n wet n windy sydney way.
    yr tls might go up when i pay my phone bill. i havnt paid it since well into last yr. they gave me c-ap service, so i am giving them the same re paying the bill.
  4. kennas's Avatar
    The spread on GIR is giving me the geeebies. Reminds me of the crash last year. A 5c spread will cost me about 4.5K to sell the fu*cker. Arrrghhh!!! Others will be willing to do it. Missed a grand opportunity to scalp this biscuit! Goose! Now, it seems I'm going to watch it slip off the screen...Damn illiquid specs...
  5. shag's Avatar
    pdn thru 5 buks...u must be buying cases of tequila after that.
    to me its got 6 buks written all over it, from watching it go down and losing on the way down.
    wpl is nearly up to the same level at that period too. bhp aint.
    i loathe spreads too, but i guess its one tool u traders use re arbitradge. thats partly how i wondered u managed to get shot of yr dmm.
    i like these rallies when every man and their dogs saying correction/crash. i presume u r getting shot of yr gir today or in a dillema now whether to hold or not.
    with an impending ato visit im a bit hesitant re offloading much.
    rather than call yrself a goose, just admit that that tiger has no need for dental appointments anymore.
    protectionisim is being threatened re america and the old europe. now that stuff could really ruin trade.
    fonterra in nz would b screwed, as well as all the debt burdoned diary farmers.
    with this sort of .... being thrown around, i'd say asia and its cohorts growing even stronger longterm. from my limited economic knowledge, it just doesnt help the proponenets longterm, fiscallywise as i see it.
    ironically this weekends iron ore negotiations commentory, mentioned how the chinese were warning that setting too low a price will ruin the local ore market, thus more dependant on bhp-rio(i still can't see how the two cant get togeather in some form and won't).
    spear a nice fish for me, groper r good. here they seem to keep them as underwater pets rather than spear fodder.
    Updated 25th-May-2009 at 12:40 PM by shag
  6. kennas's Avatar
    PDN has been a dream.....I love you more than SRL now PDN! kiss kiss...
    Sold a third GIR ave 65. If she fails at support, bye bye. If the potential H&S hold UP, then will be back in for more.
    Missed CDU, God damn it!!! arrrghhhh.
    Holding BRM, but should have sld half on breakdown through $1.10, but I was holidaying too much when that happened.

    Is The Chartist punishing me for making a negative comment? LOL
  7. kennas's Avatar
    Sold all TLS at break even. WOOF!!!
  8. shag's Avatar
    yes some there seem to have ego's on that thread. pedantic comes to mind. like that prat who mentioned a 12mill hedge fund at mac bank. like i'd have a problem with saying mac bank for a start but thats me(it wouldnt be around had the gov/mates helped them out with the very extended shorting ban for a start), but mentioning dosh, and 12mill at that...
    saying that it could well be a good service but its sure getting good pr or ramped.
    it was a grt laugh anyway getting a grammer lesson and all.
  9. shag's Avatar
    sorry to blog yr blog mate, but did u see todays chart, what a good looking chart. it makes me want to learn more/some tech trading. totally linear comes to mind, no need for ew crap to read this one.
    yr pdn rode the wave well for u.
    hope the holidays going well, i had a squiz at yr site.
    im just sitting doing squat, as i am paying back my bro a residual 60k, which i owe him.
    gir had big gaps/spread too at times, on the way back up.
    i think i need to get serious, to get some real dosh.
  10. kennas's Avatar
    hey shag, which chart?

    GIR has bounced well, but I've sold half holdings now for about a 60% gain. Considering buying in again after todays close. lol

    PDN going realy well. Like a few of these, regtret not backing up the truck more. I saw the opportunity, and tip toed in. Oh well, just have to wait for the next opportunity.
  11. shag's Avatar
    just the all ords, lovely linear march upwards.
    it impressed me anyway. charts really do talk when the markets playing ball.
  12. kennas's Avatar
    IPL break through $2.50 and I'm jumping on the train. toot toot!
  13. kennas's Avatar
    IPL through $2.50 late in the day, but the market must consolidate soon!!!!!!


    Looks like 3750 on the XAO is holding.

  14. kennas's Avatar
    Bought just a few on the close above $2.50. Market will collapse now, sure bet.
  15. shag's Avatar
    look at this for a pad, queenstown nz. a mates partner is doing the rock anchors. supposedly arnies(Swartzenegger) new pad.
    its designed for its views.
    queenstown/central otago is grt for skiing, and other sports. an odd area, unique. no dive tho.
    be a test today on the market. i have faith.
    had a quiet millitary conference/meet there a couple of yrs ago, anzac's and states. the big boys.
  16. kennas's Avatar
    Wow, hope they don't get strong winds there.

    And, wouldn't want the heating bill turning up to my place each month. eeeek!
  17. Miner's Avatar
    have you looked into AZS ? It has raised or raising money but has great potential IMO. May be the MD Patrick influenced me a lot in the Uranium Meet at Perth
  18. kennas's Avatar
    have you looked into AZS ? It has raised or raising money but has great potential IMO. May be the MD Patrick influenced me a lot in the Uranium Meet at Perth
    Had a brief look but not sure what potential you are looking at Miner.
  19. shag's Avatar
    keep an eye on discovery metals, dml, longterm. again.
    fat profits ramed them, but they have one hell of a long and shallow cu and ag prospect.
    i could email their rub if u ever wanted.
    it seems they have enough on surface material, they can just pick a pile and develop the lot as they flow dosh.
    some of the grades appeared strong to me. strong n long.
    cu and ag seem a good bet too. i'll post it here so it doesnt look as if im ramping the dog again.
    it may not be an olympic dam, but its africa and an easier open miner job. and long.
    u neded to stop reading these blogs too, and have a holiday. i guess u've seen aus is getting full of swine flue, ironic re two weeks ago. the first death here will shock. the bio companies will/have done well. ive got my tamiflu but it has to mutate before it creates real issues, and each person it touches, the closer that is.
    maybe gg has been spreading it around.


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