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Positions 8 May

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Damn, this is a bad time not to be actively trading. So many opportunities, so much holidaying to do.

Uno mas tequila por favor!
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  1. kennas's Avatar
    MEL and ICN running like champions. Go, Coal Seamers! Go!!

    And big hugs SRL!
    Updated 12th-May-2009 at 03:32 AM by kennas (added big hugs)
  2. shag's Avatar
    yes i followed yr lead yesterday and today. ditched some mak dog(short of redies otherwise i'd sit on it) and a little bmn, to get some more pru at 905, and mel at 605.
    i was thinking of yr srl u greeedy ....., u will need to extend yr chart soon to accomodate it. i thought bmn was going to be my gold maker....
    i should grab some icn, but i always worry about how far they have run.

    budget night, i remember back on the farm, u'd stock up on gas and booze as they always put the price or tax up.
    i presume they will announce something of significance re yr tls play.
    what a run gir has had.
    maybe put a yarn down on yr dives or something.
  3. kennas's Avatar
    Not sure why I still have TLS? Any suggestions? lol
    ICN has run a bit hard. Always hard to take a position after jumps like that. The hardest thing then is watching them run further. Like EXT! aaargghh!
    I will buy MAK again when it holds above 62, but only as a chart trade initially. The fundamentals on RP are to opaque for me.
    I keep on saying it, but we're due for a correction. A real one.
  4. kennas's Avatar
    Market is telling me in my dreams that it's about to fall over, but several stocks are saying 'buy me!'.

    Bought more MEL on break through .62. So far.
  5. panikhide's Avatar
    I think you have to realise that EXT runs when large investors (like RIO) take a stake in it. Once they have taken their slice of the pie and stop buying the price is likely to fall in line with the buying pressure that is removed and profit takers (like me - sorry - I got in at around $2.60 and doubled it). The point is, you can't predict that sort of demand and if you try to take advantage of the dips you might be buying a stock at a price that is halving.
  6. kennas's Avatar
    So when did RIO start and stop buying?
  7. shag's Avatar
    hope the hols r going well
    i dont think id want to be short bhp with the present goings on. azm in trading halt. gold holding up
    i've got bugger all mak now. bmn had a spike yesterday, near identical to the last one to sub 1.30. i should have sold, but u r always sus about it running away like u say or some inside news leaking. i presume it was just someone buying up.
    id love to buy more gas but i hate sellling anything.
    its a bit boring fri and mons here, with the market being out of syn with america.
  8. kennas's Avatar
    I hope AZM give me some cheap shares, along with the sophisticates. I also hope the recent run wasn't orchestrated to get a decent price in the raising. Hmmmm.

    I'm quite concerned about the market right now. Thinking that we could capitulate. Considering taking half of everything off the table. Hmmmmmm
  9. shag's Avatar
    u that wary? i know the markets been sloppy at going near 4000, but theres few out there going on about extremely bearish matters.
    gry sneaking ahead. funny how bmn often does good on bad days and vice versa.
    yr tls must be better than money in the bank anyway.
    i need a decent house, once i make a few million, i figure the eastern suburbs may have some ok places on sale re mid tier stock and money spruikers going bust.
    maybe i should go out and stake some desert, pick up-for a sizeable dumpage fee, some nice radioactive waste, and dump it in said desert, then float the thing.
    i see that tiger hasnt died of old age yet. has it any teeth left?
  10. kennas's Avatar
    Tiger still has a few teeth.

    He's a very wary tiger though.


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