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LGL and NCM to merge

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There have been ongoing rumours that either may be a takeover target but I believe the best case for both companies, and for the Australian gold industry, would be to merge and form a mega gold miner to take on the big players. With both errasing their hedge book and clearing debt they will have the balance sheet for numerous and significant acquistions. Perhaps even become one of the top 3 gold miners over the next 5 years. Now's the time to get into bed boys, or be taken by a foreigner.

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Random thoughts


  1. kennas's Avatar
    I'm actually thinking now that short term for both companies this would be shortt term negative for their sp's.

    There is quite a takeover premuim built into both companies right now (how much?) and if they were to conduct a friendly merger then the takeover premium would go from both, thus being negative for their short term sp.

    Still think longer term the market would digest this to be SUPER deal, for both companies.

    Holding both long term (buy on dips) for expected sharp spike in POG and consolidation above $700....
  2. kennas's Avatar
    These two are powering along due to POG running away.

    I reckon they'll both be getting out of reach of a big goldie shortly with their MCs surging....

    If someone had have really wanted them perhaps that should have been done a couple of months ago...


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