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Trader Paul

TOE alert ..... astrostuff update ..... :)

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Hi folks,

TOE ..... is another one, that is likely to get a boost from a significant
and positive time cycle, this week ...

Updated TOE chart, shows a 50% retracement of the previous downleg
projected forward, in terms of BOTH, time and price to give us a price
target at .475, around 20112009 ..... and a strong positive time cycle
(black dotted vertical line) around 03122009.

That 03122009 cycle should bring some positive news, ahead of 4 other
strong and positive time cycles, in December 2009 ... TOE should finish
the year, strongly ..... and so far, TOE is tracking along nicely, using
that projected trendline, as support ..... !~!

have a great weekend


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