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Open Positions as of 08/05/09

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Current open positions

Things looking pretty good atm. Most positions now have reduced risk or stops are at breakeven or better.
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  1. nomore4s's Avatar
    Damn SLX stopped out @ $6.06
  2. nomore4s's Avatar
    GNC stopped out @ just over $6.96 ave
  3. nomore4s's Avatar
    OGC stopped out @ $0.835
  4. nomore4s's Avatar
    MCW stopped out @ $0.32
  5. nomore4s's Avatar
    MND stopped out @ ave $10.067

    NAB stopped out @ $21.50
  6. Iron Man's Avatar
    I am in the same boat with stocks being stopped out.

    I was trying to take profits while still giving some room to move. In hind sight I should have enacted the "its to good to be true" rule and closed all positions. Yet that doesn't make trading logic of letting winners run.

    Market on weekly still in up trend range, so I guess to say its case of weathering the storm.
  7. nomore4s's Avatar
    MCC stopped out @ $4.90

    Ironman - while its hurting me a little giving back some open profit - I'm just sticking to my plan. I've also been extremely busy this week and haven't been able to look for new positions or watch the markets as much as I would have liked.
  8. nomore4s's Avatar
    MRM stopped out @ $1.52

    GMI closed @ $0.915
  9. nomore4s's Avatar
    MIN closed @ $3.575 ave
  10. nomore4s's Avatar
    MGX stopped out @ $0.755
  11. nomore4s's Avatar
    STO @ $14.54 x 400 w/stop @ $13.47. Bit of slippage on entry so I will look to move the stop up asap.
  12. nomore4s's Avatar
    Todays trades

    NCM @ $30.15 x 275 w/stop @ $29.23

    SUN @ $6.54 x 750 w/stop @ $6.17

    TAH @ $7.60 x 750 w/stop @ $7.08
  13. investorpaul's Avatar
    Nomores what is the basis for the NCM trade if you dont mind me asking?
  14. nomore4s's Avatar
    BBI @ $0.09 x 35,000 w/stop @ $0.079 - Bit of a gamble on this one but good R/R as I'm looking for a target around 15-16c
  15. nomore4s's Avatar
    Investorpaul - NCM is based on a chart pattern. Alot of support around the $28.00 area. Obviously I would prefer to be buying around that area but the buy was signaled today.

    I've got a very tight stop and with NCM's ability to gap around I have used a reduced risk amount but still have a good size position so now I just see how it plays out.
  16. kennas's Avatar
    NCM, potential higher low, approaching down trend resistance line.

    On the chart I'd take a bite through $30.50 but $31.00 looks a challenge.

    Gold starting to look a little more bullish to me.
  17. nomore4s's Avatar
    Kennas I think $32 will be the area it needs to get through to confirm my bullish stance with this stock
  18. nomore4s's Avatar
    BBI @ $0.09 x 35,000 w/stop @ $0.079 - Bit of a gamble on this one but good R/R as I'm looking for a target around 15-16c
    Well it looks like my gamble with this one looks like being a fizzer, expecting to be stopped out tomorrow. Was looking for some support at these levels but doesn't look good atm.

    The TAH trade also looks like a fizzer - needed to close above $7.50
  19. Iron Man's Avatar
    Hi nomore4s

    I also got into TAH today@ 7.56 based on my own indicator for a reversal up. Yesterday has when the signal was given.

    Check out BMN its a triangle that's getting bigger
  20. nomore4s's Avatar
    AWE taken on open @ $2.85 x 1500 w/stop @ $2.60
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