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Compulsary Government

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I just posted some infor in the worst droungt ever thread and it got me thinking about one of my pet hates, compulsary voting.

As far as im aware (and i havnt done much research), Austrlaia is one of the few Western countries to still maintain compulsory voting in elections.

This is done in order to ensure that either Liberal or Labour stay in power, and that no minority ever has a chance.

Anyone that does a simple quantitative marketing course will know that bigger brands have more people that purchase more often than smaller brands, and therefore more awareness. Apply this directly accross to governments, and Liberal and Labour are the 2 biggest 'brands'.

this means that for the vast majority of people who have no interest in voting/politics, Liberal and Labour are the only two partys/brands they have ever heard of, and therefore they will vote for one of them. Ensuring that a minority cannot win as they do not have enough salience (awareness).

If compulsory voting were stopped, then i think that only those interested would vote, and that smaller parties would obtain a lot more seats. It may take some time for the generational shift away from the 2 big brands but i think it would happen.

However, if you didnt vote, you shouldnt be entitled to whinge about the current party (too much). Personally i dont vote as i am against compulsory voting (my little stand against the world lol) and am happy under either government as there is only 2 possible results as far as im concerned and they both have very similar policies in a lot of areas.

We are still lucky to live in Aus, but there are many things which need improving.


Comments welcome.

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General Thoughts


  1. moneymajix's Avatar
    How do you explain what happens in the US where voting in not compulsory?

    Power concentrated in the hands of the Democrats or Republicans.

    Do small parties or independents get much of a look in?
  2. prawn_86's Avatar
    As i said i havnt done a lot of research, but what majority of seats do the small parties hold over there?

    I also think the US is a more 'patriotic' nation. In a sense that they follow their leaders a lot more and do not question things as much as Australians.

    Im not saying a small party here would ever win an election, but it would make it more possible.
  3. It's Snake Pliskin's Avatar
    People who have t vote may not care who they vote for therefore infuencing the result which may not benefit them. In a real democracy I should have the choice whether to vote or not.


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