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Holdings 1 May

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Bought some MEL and ICN this week. The CSM sector is pretty hot, MEL looks undervalued and they both look good chartwise to me.

Tempted to take some off the table (broken record) but I'm being greedy. And I know what happens when you start being greedy.
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  1. shag's Avatar
    u've done well on the csg. i wish i had cash for icn.
    stress tests next week should be interesting...maybe what the market needs out of the way to make a move.
    i find it odd bhp hasnt done much, rio? surely the chinese deal looks worse as things march on. will bhp move the market above its ceiling.
    lots of people trying to talk the market down.
    nasdaq 8 week running streak.
    talk of less than a 40pc decrease in io prices, surely positive. bhp, rio vs vale re market share, plus pushing small operators to the wall. plus move to spot markets longterm.
    seems diverging news re pdn and its reasons for new u expansion.
  2. kennas's Avatar
    I'm still learning CSM, so not sure on those. I looked closely ar ECU and decided on ICN. ECU then went up 70% in 3 days or something. lol

    BHP is boring me, but I do want to buy a solid base of 'blue chips' that will steadily gain and that I can borrow off. Waiting for the banks to correct so I can buy some WBC and CBA again. Might be after the stress test!

    I'm disappointed the focus on PDN last week was about it making acquisitions. I'd prefer someone like BHP or Areva saying they want to make some U acquisitions in Africa. And damn disappointed in the QLD Gov not allowing mining. Quite rediculous really. It's for clean energy, not bombs!!
  3. kennas's Avatar
    Maybe ICN wasn't such a bad choice.
  4. shag's Avatar
    yes, i'd say the companies r as leaky as their product.
    i like this market going against all the sceptics.
    bhp moving, but surely rio's elevaion is due to a bhp-rio deal?
    sure its got to correct one day, but people still need to put their dosh somewhere.
    icn has a nice uptrend too from my squiz at it.
  5. kennas's Avatar
    GIR is being a champ so far this week.
    PRU trading halt for a suspected $70m raising in Nth A. Not sure how the market will view it once it comes out.
    Nice triangle forming on BRM.
    I thought MAK had broken up, but sellers have destroyed it.
    SRL, kiss kiss.
    TLS, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    I like the look of the AWE chart.
    BPT looks like it's bottomed.
    I'm going to jump off a tall building if AQA keeps running away.
  6. prawn_86's Avatar
    Before you jump off that building transfer your stocks into my name please Or appoint me Director of Maxcap
  7. shag's Avatar
    tls is a dog, a three legged old one, with rabies at that, esp when so many others r out there. i like he idea of the two banks having a duopoly, they r screwing kiwis more than here, predictable tho. i hate banks.
    good pru gave us 'a look in'
    gir only gave me a few shares before i ran away sadly.
    i just bought some lime/dolomite, god its a rippoff. 60 a ton.
    just crushed rock, from an enormous local resource.
    i worked out i could waste 4k on the very small block for lime alone, let alone the npk products.
    i'll be keeping an eye on mak and yr charts thanks.
    despite some farmers loading up on debt when they got greedy, prices r so hi for dairy and beef, ie the products still get piled on. dairy bottomed a few months back for fonterra.
    when and how did u turf yr dmm, i still hold, pidly amount tho.
    oh, why i posted, was i saw today how the pru statement was due to a tax haven holder, seems rather popular, and went to the ato site, and right on the front page it had a speel about an amnesty on such matters. i can just see all the crooks, read bikers thru to bankers, lining up at the ato.
    i just rang the ato, i now partly know why u'd flag them and get setup in say vanuatu, much easier.
    seems the australasian gov's r jumping on the throw the carbon tax out for a bit, bandwagon. must be good for resources.
    anz is going to get sued in nz over misleading investment advice, one action of many id say.
    more fees for us no doubt.
    Updated 6th-May-2009 at 04:25 PM by shag
  8. kennas's Avatar
    Before you jump off that building transfer your stocks into my name please Or appoint me Director of Maxcap
    I was on the edge of the balcony wabbling over this, this morning. I declared AQA an outstanding breakout about 120% ago. You f*ckwit!!!!!!!!!
  9. kennas's Avatar
    I'm out of MAK at 57 for about a 60% gain. The RP price has been advertised at USD$120 and looks to have crumbled. I'm not sure if it will recover or not to make Wonarah economical. I'm going to watch see what RP prices do, and the chart action for clues. I did think going through 62 bullishly was an excellent sign, but failing and dropping through that level again makes it look like a clear yapper.
  10. kennas's Avatar
    Added another 50% to my PRU position at 84.

    Raising 75m at 82c and are giving a 1 for 10 offer to holders, so I may or may not join depending on price action. Looks like a great price for a raising considering the past few months run.

    Great projects, won't be independant for much longer.
  11. shag's Avatar
    hay mate
    like im no zoologist but that tiger looks plain old tame to me, fat n old looking too...
    im not volentering and all that, but i reckon if u patted the fella on the head, he'ld roll over and purr.
    talking about animals, bmn sure rewarded me this week, down, while the market was on fire.
    i tried for some pru, but like azm, i just chased the thing up.
    re azm, back a while ago, i'd put in a azm bid, only to be pipped at the post shortly after.
    u must be p-ssed at bhp vrs rio...i guess we may again see a bhp-rio tieup or beneficial sales. chinese walls, what a load of ...., look at the forest case.
    fat profits put awe as a buy this week, on fundamentals plus chart. they have good potential in the taranaki basin(tui etc).
    we will never see another market like this one will we, and i was in in the 80's. god its been an interesting couple of yrs.
    hope u get yr holls soon, but u wouldnt want to miss a real rally...
  12. kennas's Avatar
    No, that tiger is definately on the prowl!

    Funny, I bought RIO at the ABSOLUTE bottom, along with AOE, CBA and WBC just on a knife catch premise, and then sold them after small profits. And what happened? Arghhhhh!! I didn't manage those trades well in retrospect. I may get another chance.

    AZM 4c to 14c No courage to back my judgement there either.. aaarghhhhh.


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