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Current Positions & Results as of 30/04/09

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Current results till the COB of 30/04/09.

I actually went backwards with the closed trades but every open trade is now at b/e or better.
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  1. nomore4s's Avatar
    Trade taken today

    AGS @ $0.71 x 3500 w/stop @ $0.63
  2. nomore4s's Avatar
    Another trade triggered today.

    GMI @ 91c x 3500 w/stop @ 81c
  3. nomore4s's Avatar
    NAB @ $21.35 w/stop @ $20.29
  4. nomore4s's Avatar
    ABC @ $2.20 x 1,200 w/stop @ $1.93

    Had a bit of slippage on this one due to it being on the chartist. I had it on my watchlist due to the pennant forming but missed my entry on that breakout and had to settle for the same entry set up as the chartist, lets hope it goes on with it now.
  5. nomore4s's Avatar
    A couple of trades today, not real good fills

    MRM @ $1.595 x 2000 w/stop @ $1.42
    SGX @ $5.296 ave x 750 w/stop @ $4.87
  6. Iron Man's Avatar
    MRM looks good imo
  7. nomore4s's Avatar
    ERA @ $22.30 x 200 w/stop @ $20.55

    MRM does look good but lets see how it goes from here
  8. nomore4s's Avatar
    My portfolio is up and down like a yoyo today.
  9. nomore4s's Avatar
    WES stopped out today @ $22.52

    Have been running a tight stop on it for a while and it finally got hit today. Expecting some sort of breather or even a pullback to around $21.00 and hopefully another chance at a trade.
    Knowing my luck though it will now take off to $30.00
  10. Iron Man's Avatar
    Don't be down on yourself it doesn't help. In fact your emotions make no difference to what the stock will do.

    Be happy and read my blog.
  11. nomore4s's Avatar
    2 new trades today

    MCC @ $4.842 ave w/stop @ $4.49 - pretty aggressive entry on this one.

    MGX @ $0.73 w/stop @ $0.65

    Good start to the day but I got a feeling it may drop off as the day goes on, hope I'm wrong.
  12. nomore4s's Avatar
    I don't know whether all the bears are starting to get to me or not but I'm starting to become a bit worried about this rally ending - the last 2 bars on the XAO chart aren't very positive imo.
    A close under 3700 would be a serious red flag would probably see us at least retest 3500. Need to hold over 3700 and then break 3900 with some conviction for a continued bullish outlook.

    Might post some analysis on the XAO tonight if I get time.
  13. kennas's Avatar
    Yeah, I agree. Need a decent pullback for this to be sustainable. Or, we just run up to 7500 or so...
  14. nomore4s's Avatar
    lol 7500 would be nice with all the long positions I've got open.

    MCW @ $0.335 x 7500 w/stop @ $0.29
  15. Iron Man's Avatar
    XJO up 172 for the week. If you look hard enough you may see a triangle on the weekly chart which this week was broken. Price Target is 4,387 around 22/06/2009.
    Elliot wave theory would say that this is a wave 1 and expect some retrace before wave 3 long trend wave. Nomore4s please keep us informed on what the chartist has in mind.

    "The only way is up...babe"
  16. nomore4s's Avatar
    Nomore4s please keep us informed on what the chartist has in mind.
    Sorry you'll have to sign up for that.


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