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Positions 17 Apr

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No trades last week. Been waiting for the pullback, which hasn't happened.

I've been listening to too much EW hocus pocus I think and it's clouded my judgement.

Should have bought GRY on the ann of the upgrade and extension of strike. Will on weakness perhaps.

Damn it's been a good couple of months! Should have been fully invested. Bloody Harry Hindsight didn't speak to me early enough.

Wish I had have seen the Zinc plays moving earlier, missed some good short term trades there.

TLS doesn't seem to be bouncing as I'd hoped. Oh well.
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  1. shag's Avatar
    pdn seem to have opened their new african plant..
    thus its rise friday.
    gry didnt look too decisive friday again, few trades untill someone i presume had to close for the week.
    i never got any iva as it got away on me and a week where i was out of excess cash. i presume it ran too hard, too quick for you too.
    was that ann. the one u predicted, or is it still to come?
    i wish i'd read these forums more, than listening to fat profits mid-late last yr, when i was still keen to procure devastated stocks.
    gry 5c to 25(presently)...pru, brm....
  2. kennas's Avatar
    The IVA ann? Not the one I expect. Waiting for the Mo/Re tonnage and grade, but by then, the potential stag gain will be gone. It's factored in now probably. I think I have missed the boat there, thus, I have not jumped in. I might be wrong, and the gains may be on the confirmation, but please check the mc of this beast. It's in the millions. Many, many millions now... I am preferring at this time to try and find some really small cap stocks who are undervalued and get them before they are truely rated. Like AZM perhaps. Like a GRY. Get into a small cap stock, with massive potential, but with some real assets in the ground, who have been panic sold off. There is a real opportunity (or was) to make an absolute killing in this market and we've not made the most of it imo. Absolutely kicking myself at the moment. I saw this, sold just about everything at the right time, and failed to get in at the lemming stage. I'm going to change my nic to 'goose'.
  3. Garpal Gumnut's Avatar
    I like your pdn play. PDN is good stock but I got in too early last year and lost a motza. GO with it. I may join you again as a holder.

  4. shag's Avatar
    pdn seem pretty ignorant of the 4 buck 'barrier'.
    is the next block near 6 bucks?
    i sold the rest of my pdn warants yesterday to fund iva, but hoped to get back in post 4 bucks.
    just so many prospective looking stocks.
    but bmn seem worried about the dollar barrier...it was strong support on the way down...
    i just cant bring myself to buy ext, short of liquidity too.
    did u pay much attention to the imf report.
    it wasnt good reading for australsia, but i have more faith in aus than the imf.
    appologies re the language yesterday.
  5. kennas's Avatar
    PDN looks promising but on the long term weekly chart still not really broken through. The news out of China on nuclear energy development looks pretty bullish for the sector.

    I'm not sure how much EXT should be worth. They have an MC close to $1b don't they. Awesome project, but seems quite a lot for this stage of development. I'm interested in them, but maybe after a decent correction.

    Haven't read the IMF report.

    I'm still thinking very long term there's going to be an awesome opportunity in the markets here. The century of Asia has only just began.
  6. shag's Avatar
    yes, but the 24 or so new reactors were signalled well over a year ago. i think they have mentioned a handful more now, but it makes u wonder how long news and ideas take to perculate thru.
    the states needs a load too.
    i listened to boardroom radio on iva, and obviously it was a ramp, but they seem to think its just the tip of the iceberg, ie it goes down like olympic dam(1 or 2? k down and still strong).
    ie its possibly just a blob off of the main orebody thats been extruded from the depths of .... i guess we will see. overpriced but fun.
  7. kennas's Avatar
    KMN were tipping Kalman as an ODII as well some time ago. I spoke face to face with the GM stating so. The deposit is a turkey.

    My mention about the 'new' reactors was actually on top of the previous news I think. That may explain the recent price action. I suspect a few countries will ann additional nukes soon, maybe even australia one day. The problem is, there's uranium fvckin everywhere. Once all the potential deposits are into production the price of U will be a few cents a ton!
  8. shag's Avatar
    did you also see deep yellow are onto one of those hi grade uranium lines like ext.
    you wonder when bannerman will wander onto one.
    olympic dam worries me re supply but i guess the big boys have done the sums.
    i agree aus likely needs three or so power plants for desalinisation etc.
    the states needs/plans for a load more of nucs also. all their infastructure needs work supposedly.
    Updated 24th-April-2009 at 09:14 AM by shag
  9. kennas's Avatar
    The depth might be a problem for the DYL find. So far.


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