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May in Mexico

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Counting down the days to a little holiday in Mexico in May.

Taking 4 weeks off to have a bit of a break, but to also do some research for a travel company my wife and I are thinking of starting.

Spending the whole time on the Yukatan Peninsula south of Cancun, mainly around Playa del Carmen.

While it's a 'holiday' from Peru, I'll probably still be on the net during the evenings, pending wifi, and tequila.

Will probably be updating my blogspot blog with photos and stories.


Love Mexico!!!

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  1. nomore4s's Avatar
    Man you got the life you b@stard

    Suppose it makes up for being a bombers supporter
  2. shag's Avatar
    just what i thought, research, like f#$%....
    u could do some research on those awesome sinkholes tho, just dont do a sheck exley and don't come back up like most of those cave divers sadly. i guess for most, its how they'd want to go anyway.

    a 'little' holiday too, i'd hate to see what a long one entails...
    Updated 17th-April-2009 at 11:29 AM by shag
  3. kennas's Avatar
    I've been diving in the sinkholes, or cenotes. Awesome visability. Nice experience but don't need to do it again. Not enough colourful fishes to say hi to.

    I'm hoping the whalesharks are swimming by earlier than normal. Haven't managed to swim with one yet...
  4. shag's Avatar
    talking of sharks, i was going for a beach cray dive, and this big thing with a fin came up real close like. that was enough, i was out of there real quick.
    anyway, later i learnt the dirty locals had a pet dolphin they swam with and kept it real quiet. the poor thing was lucky i didnt get the old 308 onto it.
    re cenotes, i assume its the pure serenity that does it. all divers know how different and peaceful underwater is, but some is 'paradise'.
    that freediving they r doing(depth records) is compelling too.
    Updated 17th-April-2009 at 12:14 PM by shag
  5. kennas's Avatar
    Hmm, The way things are looking now May in Mexico might have to be amended.

    Looks like travelling from Panama to Honduras might be Plan B.
  6. kennas's Avatar
    Peru has it's first case of Pig Cough and they've cancelled all flights into and out of Mexico. So, plans delayed. F*ck it!
  7. kennas's Avatar
    Well, taken the plunge and we're off to Cancun tonight. No piggie flu about there, so all's good. Might get some cheap accommodation. Won't be hearing much from me for the next month. I'll either be in the water diving with fishes, laying in a hammock under a coconut tree, or in a swing chair hanging from the roof of a bar on the beach drinking margaritas! Whoohoo!! :P
  8. kennas's Avatar
    Updated my blogspot on my first 2 days of travel.

  9. nomore4s's Avatar
    Just had a look at some of the photos, your certainly doing it tough you bastard.

    It looks very nice though.
  10. prawn_86's Avatar
    Make sure you upload a few over on the travel forum too.

    Have fun with the tequila
  11. kennas's Avatar
    Will do Prawn.

    Not too much wifi here which is a shame. Some in the hotel reception but not the room. Found one cafe which has free stuff and good for doing some admin.

    Unfortunately the sun sets here at 7.30pm which is right when the market starts, which is making it hard to keep on top of market activity. And I'm too full of tequila by the time sun set drinks are over to do a market check....

    A month of no short term trading by the look.

    Damn holidays!!!!
  12. kennas's Avatar
    Updated blog.

    First day Playa del Carmen

  13. kennas's Avatar
    Currently resting up from the hot midday Merida sun in our hotel, and checking the news.

    Merida is quite a nice city, but maybe getting too much traffic through it's little streets now.

    Had a good business meeting today with a lawyer and an accountact about setting up a travel company here. Was all in Spanish, which was fun.

    Going on a tour to Chichen Itza tomorrow (one of the New Wonders) and back to Playa del Carmen and probably on the ferry to the island of Cozumel. One of the best dive sites in the world. We'll be taking a week to relax there and do a few dives before moving on.

    Getting a nice tan happening at the moment.


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