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Positions 10 Apr

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Well, sat on my hands this week. Boring.

Watched some value erode from a couple of stocks going through some consolidation, but at the moment happy to hold as the known funnymentals seem good.

Considering adding some more to BHP, SRL, BRM, and PRU (pending POG).

Also considering some of my 'Model Portfolio' stocks especially CBA, WBC, WOW, IPL, and either AOE or WPL.

US up over 3% today so perhaps that drop to 2800 isn't coming any time soon. May have missed the most of this opportunity unfortunately.
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  1. shag's Avatar
    i added a little brm and pru this week. offloaded the handful of ago, as it seems to be going nowhere.
    im considering droppping the mak, as u say, its going sideways and its dodgy african escapade.
    ext was dumped seriously, hope bmn doesnt go the same way as its 80pc of my portfolio.
    ext could be a go at 4 or under, now the squable is on. but even to me, i can see potential in the smallies.
    a similar event like this occured 6 months ago or so, it got a bit dumped and rio was currently buying(up to 1.20 then) but let it fall thru a buck and stay there..
  2. kennas's Avatar
    My MAK is leftovers from having held from Jan 07. I'm actually waiting for a break through 62c to add some more. I suggest you watch that level in the future, because breaching there may be the start of some higher highs. Still officially sideways until 75-80c broken though I think. That'll probably only happen if RP prices show definate stabilisation, or even head back up a little. Or, maybe some corporate action behind the scenes to take them over. I still don't quite fully understand the BON deal. Maybe they have access to some beneficiation plant in Namibia I don't know about. Otherwise there's going to be some heavy Capex costs in making it work.

    If POG steadies and then continues its rise, I'd anticipate PRU to be eventually re-rated to where it should be. On a W African peer comparison is one of the cheapest. Not to say it can't fall over though, there's a lot of stocks trading even under cash backing which is insane. SRL for example.

    BMN's had a great run. I was out about 75c so have missed this unfortunately. I just though EXT was the better bet.
    Updated 12th-April-2009 at 12:08 PM by kennas
  3. kennas's Avatar
    Looking closely at an opportunity with IVA too. Going to report an initial JORC on it's Merlin Mo/Re deposit possibly this week, which is the highest grade of it's type in the world. Market has already ran with it but it's correcting back to some sensible levels.
  4. shag's Avatar
    yes i caught on this morning, but i suspect those taxi drivers r onto it now....
    looks like support tested on bmn, im a aus resident so have to watch things now ie trading. oh how easy and backward nz is(re tax).
  5. shag's Avatar
    too many stocks, too little free dosh....
    i'd say u'll be kicking yrself over yr gir pick too soon.
    iva still doing a runner, buggered i8f i'd dredge the crucial stuff up, build xpensive process plant and catch it via some flue, all for 300 bucks us. id say unless aus and k-stan finds loads more, its price can only go up. did someone say monoply....duopoly
    less than au prices, au grades, as hard to produce as synthisising acid, and extremely rare....
    mak up on very little news-well to me anyway.
    oh brm nearly down on news, ago rocketing on yesterdays news, go figure.
  6. shag's Avatar
    sorry mate but what r all those pidly trades in iva
    someone keeping price up?
  7. kennas's Avatar
    The piddly little trades are a robot buying on behalf of a broker. The tell it how many to buy and at what price and they someohow manage to do it. I don't understand it all that well, but it's nothing sinister.

    GIR still looking like it might break up soon.

    Market should go through a consolidation phase soon thoug so I expect all stocks to be effected and come off a little with it, unless they have some exceptional news.


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