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Original Positions @ 25/9/07

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I thought i might follow Kennas lead and set up a blog of my positions, more for my own sake of tracking what i do.

Im a student so my portfolio size started at $7.5k. Its currently at $7036 so running at a bit of a loss, which i put down to learning in my first year.

My goal for the next year is to achieve a return in line with the market.

I hold:
AZC from 26c
QOL from 33.5c
RMI from 7.1c
FNTO from 3.6c
TMR from 22c
And some cash which will be re-invested shortly.

I have attatched my graphs in a Word document as the file size was too large as images.

I am looking to learn so all comments are welcome, and will not be taken as advice. (That is not an invitation to ramp).
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Updated 25th-September-2007 at 07:09 PM by prawn_86

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  1. moneymajix's Avatar
    Hi Prawn

    Best of luck with your Portfolio.

    Btw, CFE doing well & closed @ 61c today.
  2. prawn_86's Avatar
    Yeh my father holds CFE and i have moved his stop to 60c now. It was only ever a short term play for him.


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