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Current holdings from 6 Apr

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The last 'Where am I?' thread to keep track of things is getting a bit long, so thought I'd start a fresh one each week.

So, last week, bought:

some TLS at $3.10
more GIR at .45
more PRU at .74
more BRM at 1.18


Remaining holding in NCM at 30.95.

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  1. shag's Avatar
    geez another blog
    i was begining to think you'd forgoten u had a blog....
    im not sure about telstra longterm as its likely to get broken by rudd like telecom nz.
    dml finally came out with the announcement last week, after 6 weeks of abnormal trades.
  2. kennas's Avatar
    TLS is a grab the knife trade, and I've put quite a lot on it as I think it's a relatively slow mover. I'm still guessing that the last low was a capitulation low, but if defeated I'll be running to the hills, like everyone else probably will be. That'll be a good buying opportunity I suppose! LOL
  3. Miner's Avatar
    Hi Sean

    did you look into Silver Lake Resources currently at about 37 cents and recommended by State One Research as a target price of 67 cents. Eureka report published this story which is normally uncommon for them to do so.

    What does your research say ?

    Extracted from the report

    Silver Lake Resources (SLR)
    27th March 2009
    SLR - Daily share price
    Investment Data SLR
    Share Price (cents) 33
    Ord Shares fully diluted (m) 153
    Market Cap ($'m) 50.6
    Enterprise Value ($'m) 39.6
    Options (m) (ex avg +30c) 26.1
    Net Cash ($’m) 11.0
    52 week Low/High (cents) 15/41
    Company Officers
    Les Davis Managing Director
    Paul Chapman Chairman
    Chris Banasik Executive Director
    Peter Johnston Non Exec Director
    Brian Kennedy Non Exec Director
    David Griffiths Non Exec Director
    Major Shareholders
    Directors 16.25%
    Eye Investment Fund Ltd 9.87%
    Perilya 8.38%
    State One Stockbroking Ltd
    Head Office
    Level 14, State One House
    172 St George's Terrace
    Perth WA 6000
    Perth Tel: (+61 8) 9288 3388
    Sydney Tel: (+61 2) 9024 9105
    Email: broker@stateone.com.au
    Web: www.stateone.com.au
    Sam Berridge
    Tel: +61 8 9288 3302
    Email: sberridge@stateone.com.au
    Investment Case
    • Currently generating $1.5 to $2.0 million in free cash flow per month
    from the Daisy Milano gold mine.
    • Cash and bullion up from $6.7 million at 31st of Dec to approximately
    $11 million at the time of writing.
    • Forecast NPAT CY2009 of $21 million versus current enterprise value
    of $39 million.
    • Continued improvements at Daisy Milano Mine and Lakewood
    Processing Facility to lower cash costs and increase gold production.
    • Additional tonnes from open pit operations expected to commence in
    the 2H 2009 will result in an increase in gold production to +50,000
    ounces per annum and reduce cash costs from ~$680/oz to
    • Under ground mining at Daisy Milano is currently occurring in regions
    outside the existing resource, indicative of resource expansion
    • Growing cash reserves could enable a maiden dividend in 2H 2009 at
    management’s discretion.
    • The performance of SLR’s management team is exemplified in
    producing its first tonne of gold at a cash profit just 13 months after
    • Management results to date and prior experience support the
    expectation that SLR will grow into a solid mid tier gold producer (see
    page 6).
    • SLR is unhedged.
    Summary of Company Operations
    SLR is producing 35,000 to 40,000 ounces of gold per annum from the
    Daisy Milano underground mine, located 50km south east from Kalgoorlie.
    High grade (~10g/t) ore is trucked 45km to the 300ktpa Lakewood gold
    processing facility located 5km south east of Kalgoorlie.
  4. kennas's Avatar
    No, but will have a look. Cheers.
  5. shag's Avatar
    jeez u'll be on the red after tls today, i guess rudd is either pragmatic or balless . u will be able to buy not only a new dive suit, but a whole dive store...
  6. kennas's Avatar
    LOL shag. Haven't put that much on it.

    In regards to SLR Miner, just had a quick lookie and it looks pretty interesting. Cash in the bank, unheadged, no debt, growing base, processing factility, 1.4m oz au at great grades nothing to sneeze at. Would be nice if that 1.4m was all in the one pit. That's my only misgiving, very scattered about which they seem to think is a good thing. Spreads the risk a bit I suppose. $60m mc seems reasonably low, haven't done a peer comparison on that, but the graphs they put up in their last pres against other juniors in WA make them looks pretty good.

    Will have to look some more..
  7. shag's Avatar
    i suggest to have a look at tel, telecom nz, the graph of tens yrs over which it got competition and 'broken'. i realise yr trade is just a quick stab, so to speak. bmn still being chased hard.
    really started hard at 2pm yeaterday.


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